Saturday, June 18, 2011

Tea party's kryptonite is their demand for political virginity and 'us verses them'

Success is only lasting if it has the potential for a long life on and off the shelf of time. It's a lot like a marriage. The 2010 midterm elections were unquestionably successful for Republicans. They mainly campaigned against President Obama's policies, vowed to put the unemployed back to work and keep the President in check.

Something happened in between November and day after getting sworn into office. Jobs, the economy and the unemployed were the least of their concerns. The newly elected and re-elected Republicans and tea partiers did not live up to their marriage vows. They promised voters to honor and obey their demands when they joined the prostituted power brokers in Washington. Their two-party prenuptial agreement hinged on the candidate’s word not to fall in lockstep with the “Washington establishment.”

Crock pot! Big money donors began courting and buying Tea Party Republicans before the swearing in ceremony got out of bed. They joined the stable of "kept" politicians, all the while tooting their disdain for Washington.

Tea party politicians and Republicans were as happy as a platoon of ticks feeding on a fat dog. They held pointless conferences. They pranced and paraded in front of media cameras like beauty queens. They rubbed their victory in the faces of Democrats. Republican loving pundits  held their own happy press conferences on talk shows.

In this age of quickie annulments and nasty divorces, bamboozled voters thought they were getting gold plated, family values politicians. This was going to be a lasting marriage between the Tea Party and Republicans. To their dismay, events happened that forced supporters to scratch the surface a little deeper. They discovered aluminum underneath the sprayed gold. They had voted for phony promise makers.

No one could tell the tea party and their supporters that they did not know shit from shinola. They are learning a political lesson the hard way. Now  they want to remake the honeymoon bed and rewrite the marriage vows. They have found that nothing is pure in spirit about their allegiance to the GOP or its allegiance to them. Unfortunately they were brainwashed by Republicans and a media hyped agenda.

Sarah Palin
From the onset the tea party have been bewitched by Sarah Palin, their Alaskan Knightress in Shiny Armor. With the help of a Palin-struck media, she was empowered to tell lie after lie without impunity. If she said President Obama “palled around with terrorists,” the media complex attached itself to the lie like leeches.

When Palin spread the rumor that the Affordable Care Act had a clause that said doctors would make the lone decision as to who will die and who will live, there was no media backfire. Democrats were late and weak in their responses to the rumor. They left summation of the bill to President Obama. He was up against his own party,  an army of orchestrated Republicans, Sarah Palin, the media, and disgruntled voters. Republicans won the war of words about health care reform.

Palin has been credited with being the first to use the term “death panels”. The media knew that death panels were nonexistent, but it refused to explain the truth about the Affordable Care Act. Sarah was allowed to take control of the narrative. Talking- point-pundits said,  “Obamacare is gonna kill grandma.”What the hell!

Tea party politicians and Republicans jumped in line to dance the bunny hop with Palin. She was allowed to make herself such a force in the GOP,  they were, and still are afraid to speak out against her. They do not dare say that on the issues plaguing America, Palin’s knowledge and political IQ is a blank canvas.

Faster than beer can turn to piss, Republicans, Palin and tea partiers rode the wave of manufactured discontentment all the way to victory November 2010. Republicans are behaving badly in every state they won governorships and control of the legislature.

In Wisconsin with the tearing down of unions, employment terminations and demotions, citizens jumped into action to stop the damage caused by Wisconsin Republicans. Determined citizens have collected enough voter signatures to start the recall of three Republicans, an act that’s been approved by the courts in Wisconsin.

The reelections will take place in July. Unhappy voters are also planning to recall Gov. Scott Walker in January 2012. It will be a game of wait-and-see who will vote against their own best interests by repainting gold over aluminum.

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