Sunday, June 19, 2011

dry bones//wet bones

dry bones/wet bones

dry bones//wet bones
dead bones lying at the stony feet of Isis

dead bones walking

leggy// lean skeletons
peeled down and gleaming
like brand new pipelines
rushing toward a mystery land 

an unnamed mystic who
fantasized about a woman

one cool day
as he rested
in Mother Earth’s  lap

dry bones//wet bones

real teeth clacking
messages somewhere in 


can you feel the cold
escaping from

the breath of the wet bones?

an ancient queen constructed
a deep river and filled it with gold
it her was her rejuvenation pool

she frolicked freely with
wet bones//dry bones

she sat in the center of the pool of gold
waiting for the celebration
of dry bones//wet bones
and boundless fertility

god created the whole world in 

6 days
on the 7th day of 7
he laid down his wet bones to rest
in a separate place from
his 6 day creation

from the bones of his nostrils
he gave life to a being called Adam

 Adam said to the
dry bones//wet bones of god
send me a likeness
bearing my
wet bones//dry bones

God obliged

Adam planted a dry bone
around the heart of
the woman’s wet bone

Adam said I
call your name Eve

connecting me to you
connecting your

dry bones to  my dry bones
your wet bones to  my wet bones
connecting your 

flesh to my flesh
my flesh to your flesh

and then the world ended in one day

God wrapped 2 bags of
wet bones in fruit scented leaves
laying them underneath tree of rain

welcome home my children
you are the dry bones of my wet flesh
marred by a barren cross 

and a crown of thorns

it was I who called him Adam
it was I who called her Eve

let no one set asunder
the bones and flesh
I have bound together

dry bones//wet bones
return to the paradise of your beginning

 copyrighted by dorothy charles banks

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