Thursday, January 26, 2012

Watch your finger Gov. Brewer!

Republican Governor Jan Brewer points her finger at President Obama as if she was scolding a child who had disobeyed her. The President is too much of a gentleman to tell her what to do with her finger. The stunt drew bad publicity for her.

President Obama would never be this rude to Arizona Gov. Jan  Brewer. He is professional and polite at all times. He does not lose his cool, as he had a right to do in this Brewer-planned scenario,  scripted for the media, and her tea party constituents. This President is not a cartoon or caricature, nor does he have bouts of I must show this Black guy where he be belongs like Brewer and her fellow Republicans. In their quest to upstage him, they always upstage themselves.

A Korean probe says, "If you kick a stone in anger you'll hurt your own foot." Brewer's finger must have hurt for days. Her display of disrespect did not play well with the public.

Barack Obama is the most powerful man in the world, but this angry White woman from Arizona set out to prove that his power meant nothing to her. Putting her finger in the President’s face was her way of “putting Barack Obama in his place,” She does not see a reason to respect him.

In the photo she appears angry as she rants at the President, whose right hand is on her right elbow. In an interview with a Phoenix TV station, Brewer said she “felt a bit threatened” by the President. The delicate White woman was scared to death of the big bad Black buck who was prone to attack her in public, with security, Secret Service and the media standing on the tarmac with them.

Is this woman freaking serious?! President Obama should have been frightened as he looked at Brewer's baggy face! I won't call her ugly. I'll just say attractiveness by passed her. 

When CBS 3 asked Brewer what she and President Obama discussed, she said: "It's difficult to recall exactly, because I've always been real animated in talking. We could have been talking about a million different things. Bottom line is that he generally wants to talk about amnesty and I want to talk about securing our border. I must say, I was not hostile. I was trying to be very, very gracious. I respect the office of the president, and I would never be disrespectful in that manner."

Translation: "I respect the Oval office, but to hell with the Black guy who sits in the office."

Brewer could have stayed at the governor's  mansion and not meet President Obama. She chose to be a part of the greeting party. She had a bone to pick with him. Brewer intended to turn the presidential visit into a reality show episode, ripe with a finger-in-your-face photo op,  an added bonus to the drama.

Appearing on Fox Wednesday night, Brewer said: “I was trying to be very gracious to [Obama] and he just reacted in just a very negative manner which took me back – kind of left me breathless to tell you the truth.”  Again, she is repeating "the delicate White woman is scared of the big bad Black buck! I was waiting to hear her say the President made sexual overtures towards her.

If Brewer thought her actions would gain national praise, she miscalculated the public’s reaction. Her blatant disrespect was inexcusable. The so-called argument she mentioned was in reference to a book she wrote. In the book Brewer said that President Obama had been very condescending toward her when she visited the White House in 2010. Her disrespectful up your nose Obama must have been payback. Right?

As it turns out Brewer told several lies about the President in her book Scorpions for Breakfast. She wrote of a visit to the White House: "I felt a little bit like I was being lectured to, and I was a little kid in a classroom, if you will, and he was this wise professor and I was this little kid, and this little kid knows what the problem is and I felt minimized to say the least."

Brewer forgot the press conference they had after the visitShe told the media that she and  President Obama had a "very cordial" discussion. She said they agreed to work together in search of a solution to immigration and border security. Brewer said the President  assured her that most of the 1,200 National Guard troops he is sending to the southern border will be coming to Arizona.

This is the June 2010 meeting in the Oval Office with President Obama. In her book Brewer said the president was very condescending as he lectured her about illegal immigration. The meeting lasted about 30 minutes. She isn't looking traumatized or scared of the president professor. It appears that she is listening to what he is saying.

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Wasn't that something. PEople forget he is the president I think because they just treat him all types of ways.