Sunday, May 2, 2010

$650 billion is big government any calendar year

The tea party bug was planted February 19, 2009 by CNBC’s Rick Santelli. In one of his rants against President Obama’s plan for a tax-payers funded mortgage bailout. He announced loudly that there ought to be a tea party revolt against the government.

In November 2009, the newly formed tea party held a protest in Harrisburg, PA to protest the stimulus package. On February 7, 2009 and March 9, 2010, PA received $1, 878, 240. 00 (billion) out of a promised $7,443, 950. 00. Allocation of the funds is set for a two year period, providing each state adheres to the guidelines. President Obama made it clear early on that the money would not be issued in one lump sum. The media and pundits forget to throw in that one important fact when looking for reasons to fault the stimulus package.

The tea partiers should have known this when they commenced their protests.

They had plans to reorganize the government by blocking the President’s economic and environmental agenda, and proposed health care reform. They plan to replace any politician who does not agree with their stance on the stimulus package, bailouts (government loans), the size of government, how it should be run, higher taxes.

At some of their protests they have called for the impeachment of President Obama. Asked to cite the basis for impeachment, the response was they do not know. They will find a reason later, some said. Some protesters suggested that the President be charged with treason, all the while proclaiming he is not an American.

That’s what talking points will do for information challenged protesters who are not on top of the issues. They have no idea what impeachment entails.

Originally, the tea partiers named themselves after the Boston Tea Party protest of 1773. Of course they are nowhere close to the 1773 Tea Revolution, nor have they researched the meaning of “teabagger.” From what I have read, “teabagger” has a sexual connotation that does not lend itself to much imagination.

Definition: A man who dips his testicles into the mouth of another man (as if dipping a tea bag into hot water.)

The word has became a joke for comedians, and somewhere along the way, someone informed the 'teabaggers' what they are really saying about themselves, as opposed to what they thought  they were calling themselves. Some comedians, bloggers, pundits and journalists still refer to the groups as 'teabaggers', even though they are now calling themselves the Tea Party.

It is common to see tea parteirs protesters carrying provocative signs: They are losing their First Amendment rights as Americans. This is not the American they remember or know. They claim President Obama–a year and four months into his presidency--has systemically destroyed America. Tea partiers say they want the government to listen to them. They want to pay less taxes (which they are) and cut "unnecessary" programs from the budget. They want Social Security and Medicare left as is. Both sacred cows are hanging out in their back yards and fed by "the big government."

In 2009 almost 51 million Americans received $650 billion in benefits. Just think of the money that would add to the federal coffer if the acid tongued protesters returned their monthly checks, along with a letter stating they no longer need the big government benefits. 

Don't count on that happening! It is easier to be hate mongrels and hypocrites.

Mathematically, no matter what the teabaggers paid into FICA during their work history, after two or three years they become wards of the state, receiving welfare in the form of Social Security and Medicare. Their monetary add-in and take-out does not break even.

Glenn Beck, the teabagger's educator-in-chief,  got these folk riled about those Russian “czars” in the Obama administration. Neither Professor Beck, nor conservative hate talk radio and TV have opened their mouths about the number of czars the Bush administration employed, way outnumbering those in Obama’s administration. Having czars in presidential administrations dates back to Franklin D. Roosevelt.

Comedian Jeannie Garofulo, on Keith Olberman’s show, got it right when she said: “When Tea Partiers scream ‘I want my country back’ it’s code for ‘I want my white guy back.’”

Teabaggers are not angry about the government. Their hate for a black president is making them angry. The teabaggers should read the 1773 Boston Tea Party history to learn the real reason for the revolt. The colonies felt they had a right to refuse paying the taxes required by the Townsend Act. They felt they had no obligation to pay the taxes imposed on them by the parliament, because they had no representation. It seems the crown’s attempt to tax tea catapulted the colonists into action. It laid the ground work for the American Revolution.

The protesters should rename themselves The Frauds. Their feigned anger is nothing short of fraud. The media are trying to legitimize them as creditable "grassroots" organizations. American revolutionists? Naw. Too much of a stretch.

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