Sunday, May 2, 2010

Whose sin is the greatest?

Triple Tsk. And shame on the catholic bishop in Providence, Rhode Island recently removed two hospitals from its membership roll. The blasphemous hospitals had the unmitigated gall to supported health care reform! The hospitals favored the Affordable Health Care Act,  as I’m sure Jesus would have done. I'm not trying to speak for Jesus. I'm just saying.

The bishop’s crystal ball warned him that the hospitals would perform abortions with public funding, sneaking through the back door, using health care reform to pay for an abortion. The bishop is not letting the truth stand in the way of his misinformed truth. God forgot to tell him to take notes on this issue.

The bishop is concentrating on the unborn fetus. He says God is against abortions.  That ain't news! One of the Ten Commandments says: "Thou shall not kill." It does not state abortion specifically. There should have been another longer commandment: "Catholic priests shall not molest and rape children. Any head of church caught protecting pedophiles and child rapists shall be punished."

Every raped and molested girl and boy is forced to live with the death of their spirit. Their spirit and sense of self was bloodlessly aborted by pedophile priests. Even though the priests did not murder them physically, they successfully murdered everything the victims might have become. The young victims have to live with the guilt and shame that came to them uninvited.

Catholic churches need to sanitize their places of worship, ridding them of lustful priests who dare touch a child in a sexual way. The churches should stop telling pregnant women, young girls and doctors what constitutes murder in God's eyes. If abortion is murder, then the doctor, the woman or young girl are the ones who will have to answer to God for their transgressions.

God is watching the molestation and raping of helpless children who depend on men (and women) of the cloth for spiritual guidance. The Catholic church forgot that God said: "Suffer not the little children. . . ." No one in his or her right mind can argue that molestation and raping causes these children to suffer greatly.

How will the child rapists, pedophiles and protective church heads explain their murdering and hurtful sins on judgment day? I'd love to be in the welcoming line to hear their explanations. I would love to hear God ask: "Who did you remove from your church?"

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