Saturday, April 9, 2011

The deficit has nothing to do with a woman's body or her abortion rights

President Barack Obama
Republicans are handcuffing abortion to a pregnant deficit bill to kill Roe v Wade. They attempted to sneak it through the side door this week but they got caught. Next week they will walk bravely through the front door without fear of burning the midnight oil, or locking horns with Harry Reid and President Obama. Next week there will be bigger fish to fry.

  The media are telling Boehner and his  Tea Party Republicans that they are to be commended for sticking to their agenda, throwing the President off stride. I read a column a few hours ago and gasped for air during the reading. The writer said the President deserves no credit for derailing the economic shutdown left behind! The writer said President Obama stepped into the fray at the last minute! Therefore, he was not a part of the negotiations and final decision making.

Is this the reason Republicans lied to get elected in November? Supporters voted for them with open eyes and closed minds. The empowered regular Republicans and newly elected Tea Party candidates, have not stopped running in the opposite direction yet. They vow to shrink government. They say they are doing what the "American people" expect them to do. They have a “mandate.” They declared with over-the-top certainty.

The “mandate” was self created as were the conditions Republicans follow. They rewrote the script. So far, Republicans and Tea Party elects, have not approached the subject of Jobs ! Jobs!  Jobs! Putting the unemployed back to work is no longer a top priority. They have erased it off their to-do-list. Oddly, I do not hear the Tea Party complaining. The media refuse to attack Republicans with the same vim and vigor they mustered to rip apart President Obama for not creating jobs.

Before the elections the media and pundits incessantly reminded America that the President did not keep his promise to resolve the unemployment dilemma. I looked for headlines in the media about Republican's failure to tackle unemployment. I did not find them. These days unemployment is seldom discussed by pundits and the media. Sideline cheering and blaming President Obama for everything that goes wrong is stronger than ever.

Speaker of the House John Boehner
It's as if President Obama is running Washington all by himself. He writes legislation; signs it into law and then hold  press conferences to announce  the legislation has been signed into law.  That is the image the media are painting of this presidency. The media wants the President to treat America like it's an island unto itself, having no connection to the rest of the world. And then, of course, the media and pundits will blame President Obama was trying to isolate America.

Just as I expected and suspected would happen, Friday night pundits, bloggers, columnists and the media sharpened their tongues and pens to say the President “caved” on the shutdown deal. “Nervous Democrats fear that Obama gave away too much in the last-minute agreement to avert a  shutdown”. (Washington Post)

“Boehner may have been outnumbered by Democrats at the table 2-to-1, but by the way the final deal shaped up, you wouldn't know it. The Speaker got $38.5 billion dollars in cuts ...”  (Politico)

I think Politico is saying Boehner was the only astute wheeler dealer at the table. He was so awesome he was a  negotiating wonder! He forced President Obama to give Republicans every thing they wanted! That made the President look weak and too terrified to engage Republicans in a showdown. So said the media and pundits. Predictions and bets are being made by those who say next week President Obama will give up the ship again. 

I thoroughly believe it takes a stronger person to step outside of his personal needs when other people are involved.  President Obama had no choice but to step outside of  himself when making difficult decisions that none of us will never have to make.  Republicans are short term thinkers and victory grabbers. President Obama thinks long term. Too much was at stake for him not to compromise; a plan of action is a dirty word among Tea Party elects and Republicans.

Compromise is not a suitable negotiating tool for the new thinking Republicans. They are all about catering to the wishes of the rich and retaining political power for themselves, not the people. If seniors, women, children and the poor have to suffer the consequences of their dire decisions, oh, well.  

Speaker Boehner slurred, "So be it."He did not bite his tongue as the trio of words rolled out out of his mouth.

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