Sunday, April 3, 2011

Naive Barack Obama does not understand the complexity of being a president

President Barack Obama
Pundits, bloggers, pollsters, Independents, Republicans, Democrats and media cannot control their personal opinions about President Obama. If he does not immediately resume the knee-jerk posture when making a decision, these “wiser than Obama” critics make a Superman flight to catch a ride on the Obama Delegitimization wagon.

I cannot write the number of times I’ve heard and read opinionated divas of the Internet and print media imply that determinations made by President Obama–no matter the scale of relevance-- are the results of his failure to lead; that he is not knowledgeable about how the government operates. They insist with self-conviction that President Obama is incapable of grasping the presidency. The job is too complex for someone so “inexperienced,” they say. This morning on  the Chris Matthew Show, MSNBC, Matthews led a panel discussion titled Is President Obama failing to lead?

Pundits, who should known better, have gone on TV saying the president does not understand the Constitution. In their analysis they fail to note that Professor Barack Obama taught Constitutional Law for 12 years at a Chicago university. With malice as a single thought, these know-it-all pootbutts pushed falsehoods that Obama has not made any significant achievements since he has been in office. Unfortunately, this is repeated by low information haters, and those who consider themselves highbrows.

So when misinformation and claims of “no leadership” in the White House was accepted as fact, that made it easy to say the President is a malingerer who is afraid to draw a “line in the sand”, a favorite line screamed at viewers by Ed Schultz on MSNBC. My personal opinion is that drawing an imaginary line in imaginary sand is an imaginary show of imaginary strength. Surely, Schultz knows that sand is fickle, free flowing and weak.  Schultz , who could not curry favor enough to run for public office, loves to demand that President Obama "draw a line in the sand."

During the lame-duck session President Obama propositioned Republicans with a red line of compromise. Republicans wanted to continue tax breaks for the rich but he did not. When the President agreed to extend the tax cuts, all of the above, except Republicans-- hit the ceiling. President Obama “caved” under Republicans pressure. The media and pundits said Republicans won over a compromising President. Compromise has become a dirty words since Obama was elected president.

I was waiting for the media and  pundits to tell the straight story. I was waiting for them to broadcast what Republicans relinquished to get the Bush tax cuts extended. For starters, Republicans signed onto a second stimulus bill. They agreed to continue unemployment benefits for the unemployed, which would have been a disaster in waiting had a deal not  worked out. A payroll tax decrease for employees were agreed to for one year. The idea was to bolster the economy. Several other issues-- START, First Responders bill, food safety bill were resolved. All in the president’s favor. 

Attacks have been renewed with Libya. The President has been thrown back into the  nonleader box. He is "leading from behind,"  they are saying. I guess that’s the way the media and pundits roll when an African American is in the White House. Maybe I'm wrong but I don't believe I am.

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