Monday, March 28, 2011

T-Party Republcans pushing fast legislation to control a woman's womb

Another eyesore of ignorance is showcased by screwball Republicans

If this were the case, every 21 minutes hundreds of potential movers and shakers and laborers are also aborted. Many teachers and doctors are aborted. The list is endless. Right wing screwballs say abortion is genocide. They are overlooking children mills called foster homes, where children live with an assortment of abuses, neglect and death. These are feeling human who are physically aborted by the system and politicians that profess to love them while they are in their mother's wombs.

The above statement is not an indictment against all foster homes. Not all of them are bad. But take time to read news story sometimes. Take time to listen to news stories about children dying at the hands of step mothers and fathers, mothers, boyfriends. Abortions would have relieved these babies and small children of the horrors and pain they suffered before the mercy of death claimed them. Some of the babies survive their trauma, but they sometimes ended up mental cripples for the rest of their lives.

Years ago in my neighborhood a young mother of three stood by and allowed her boyfriend to kick her two-year-old daughter in her stomach, killing her. Child Protective Services got involved, taking away the woman's other children. She was taken to court and reprimanded by the judge. She was ordered to go to parenting classes for six months, after which her children were returned to her. She moved, getting away from the condemning eyes of parents, namely mothers in the neighborhood. I don't recall what happened to the boyfriend.

Live children are not getting adopted by poster packing, protecting-the-fetus-loving Christians who shout to the world that no woman has a right to get an abortion. What about the babies that are born and deserted? Born and abused? These protect-the-fetus phonies do not show concern or love for children they can see and touch. I have not seen these fetus lovers staging protests to protect live children who have been abandoned and abused. I have not heard of them adopting children housed in negligent foster care. I have not heard of them adopting children with handicaps or born to drug addicted mothers. 

These neglected children do not make these do-gooders lose one good night's sleep. They would rather keep their heads up a woman's dress to see how pregnant she is. It's all political grandstanding and a hypocritical side show for the media and TV cameras. After the kid is born it's baby be damn.

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