Friday, June 17, 2011

Susu was doing her thing

Susu was doing her thing

Susu was an odd girl
born on a odd day
went all the way insane
on the same kind of odd day
while jumping rope
on Congress Avenue

oddly enough

with her hair slicked tight
behind her pierced ears
her hands jammed in
high pocket pants
Susu improvised a historical event

leading onlookers to believe

that she was Hercules in drag

she was doing her thing

“Next show at 9:30 pm”
she abruptly announced before leaving
the crowded avenue

later that evening at a
neighborhood church
Susu reenacted the Lord’s Supper
dressed in a fancy
off-the shoulder  gown
chewing on two week old
dinner mints and sipping
expensive red wine
I am drinking the Lord's blood
It's something I have to do

Susu said to the gathering congregation:
here’s to winter clean breath
and a mild case of dizziness

Susu sprinted from
the lavish supper table and
leaned lazily against
a bright flowered wall
fading into the scenery
singing Hi-Ho Silver 

Giddy-up, Susu!

she decided that Jesus was
too profound and powerful to imitate on earth 
so she’d wait until she got to heaven
and then she would imitate him
in the presence of his Father

where is Susu?
A choir boy asked the janitor

oh, she stepped into that
flowered wall over there
said she was gonna find
the Lone Ranger and Tonto

she was acting mighty strange
singing loud and carrying on

I heard her say she
was doing her thing

copyrighted by dorothy charles banks

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