Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Out of the attic and into the sunlight after 98 years

Pictured L to R: Harry Reid, Pres. Barack Obama and House Speaker Nancy Pelosi
Congratulations to President Barack Obama, Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid and everyone involved in winning this hard fought battle. Health care reform is now law. Republicans had decided if reconciliation failed, their political theme was going to be “Repeal and Replace” the Affordable Care Act. Perfect words for a bumper sticker: "Repeal and Replace." Bad showmanship. Republicans know President Obama will veto the repeal. But Republicans are desperate, and grabbing short straws. They desperately needed the touch down victory that the President snatched out of their hands.

To Republican's dismay the bill signing was a historical event that finally found its place in the sun, after languishing in an attic for 98 years. Teddy Roosevelt attempted to legislate universal health care in 1912. Republicans still have not stopped whining and complaining. They want President Obama and the Democrats to know the game is not over.

Five minutes after President Obama signed the Patients Protection and Affordable Care Act into law attorneys general in 13 states filed lawsuits, contesting the law, declaring it unconstitutional. Any lawyer in his right mind knows that these lawsuits are nothing more than political shams and grandstanding. The AG’s are making a big show of blowing smoke up each others butts. Bedsides, where are these states going to get the money to pursue the lawsuits?

Every Republican governor on the map is saying their state is cold stone broke! Not a dime to spare. Their economy is strapped down on the execution table, awaiting the fatal injection. The attorneys general are not listening. By the way, that is what they are accusing the Democrats of not doing.  "Not listening to the American people." Maybe these Republicans governors can apply for more of the stimulus money that they fought against.

The grandstanding AG’s and Republicans are up for re-election. Some are aspiring to run for governor of their state. These sanctioned lawsuits are a ruse to up their game plan. They are corralling the energetic ignorance of tea party folk who seem to adore them, and the lies they tell.

Democrats get death threats for voting "Yes" on the Affordable Care Act 

Never mind that when hate talk flows like water from a hydrant it is inevitable that a brain dead protester will answer the call of violence, knocking plans off kilter. I rue that day. All hell will break loose in America.

Republicans refuse to acknowledge the seriousness of the myriad of death threats some Democrats have been getting because they voted "Yes" to health care reform. The tea party crowd is accusing President Obama of being a dictator who wants to silence Americans. I have not seen evidence of that, and neither have the disillusioned accusers. Tea party bigots are talking loud and sounding silly. Strangely, the "dictator" has not ordered their arrest or imprisonment for protesting against him. Dictators have deadly reactions to citizens who publicly oppose them.

I am seeing lynch-prone protesters acting like dictators who want to silence Democrats and the President, taking away their right to make decisions that ill-informed Republicans disagrees with. They want freedom of speech for themselves, but silence of sapeech for Democrats doing their jobs.

Listening to angry obscene phone messages played by the media I've noticed something  odd. The callers repeated identical profanity laced rants. I noticed that the callers sounded as if they were reading from a script. It was the hesitation in some of the callers delivery that caught my ear. When someone is truly angry or insanely outraged their words usually have a continuous flow despite the lunatic raving. They do not lack concentration when shouting their own words. 

Another thing I noticed is the voices sounded southern. I live in Texas and southern accents are quite familiar to me.

It’s too bad that tea party terrorists do not realize they are being used by politicians and lobbyists, who are using them in  an attempt to destroy President Obama, Harry Reid, Nancy Pelosi, the Democratic party, the Affordable Care Act. What better way for attorneys general and other hopefuls to climb the political ladder than on the backs of gullible believers. Their giant crystal ball is telling them that they are going to smoke the Democrats in November, after which they plan to treat their rival like its symbolic mascot: the Donkey.

And then Republicans will  distance themselves from the violent leaning tea party crowd until the next election cycle in 2012. The political separation won't be easy. I wonder if these game playing Elephants saw the movie "Fatal Attraction?"

Fool me once, shame on you. Shame me twice, shame on me.  If they come to  their senses in time the angry tea partiers might flip the switch on the politicians they are now supporting. They might not accept a few months of backroom screwing without receiving adequate pay.

***This article was first published in 2010 on my blog.

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