Sunday, March 28, 2010

Glenn Beck fights social justice

Glenn Beck
Glenn Beck is up to his verbal shenanigans again. He is attacking pastors who preach the true meaning of Christianity. He wants people to walk out of their churches if a particular subject is approached by their pastors. Unfortunately, Beck has low information viewers who will dutifully inhale  his every word. Beck claims to be a Christian. The God loving, God fearing kind.

Praise the Lord and pass the collection plate!

I would not be surprised if one Sunday morning a church-goer responds to the pastor’s social justice sermon, treating it like a town hall meeting. If the pastor laments the virtues of social justice--being your brother’s keep, do unto others as you would have them do unto you--the unholy devil himself just might break loose in  God’s house.

Beck has his own interpretation of the Holy Bible. The people he “preaches” to are mostly Southern, White, poor and undereducated. His money backers are educated, manipulative, rich. Listen to the messages played in the news since President Obama’s signing of health care legislation. No true Christian’s voice in the mix. Ol' Satan disspirited hound dogs are definitely in the hunt!

I would not be surprised if a Pete Wilson type member or visitor jumps up in the middle of a “social justice” sermon, and yell at the pastor: “You lie!”

I cannot speak for The Father, The Son or The Holy Ghost, but I do believe God has a distaste for people who enrich themselves at the expense of those who have not heard opportunity knocking on their door. Beck is a good example. He is rich and getting richer. That’s not to say that rich people should give away the money they earned it. They are not obligated to be that generous.

How difficult is it to reach out to help someone realize his or her dream? A helping hand does not mean doing the work for the receiver of one's goodwill. Not all goodwill involves money as Beck is implying. He feels the government is trying to take his money, and give it to "lazy people" who want nothing more than to sit back and wait for a check.

Oprah Winfrey reaches back and pulls individuals up all the time. Her best friend, Gale, says that is the way Winfrey is. The same applies to Bill Gates, Warren Buffett and thousands of social justice heroes we do not know about. I am not a Biblical scholar but I believe God was an avid student of human rights, social justice and equality. If that is not true, the Bible is a sham. According to Beck, we have been conned to believe that Jesus is not benevolent and justice loving. Glenn Beck is entitled to his interpretation of Jesus.

Beck is showing once again that he is not as intellectually honest and aware as he envisions himself. He should spend more time preparing his lesson plan before executing it on his TV classroom. He and his followers should learn the true lesson and meaning of God, Jesus and Christianity.

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