Saturday, April 23, 2011

Freakout At The Big Concert

Freakout At the Big Concert
last night at the Gladys Knight
   and Pips concert
an Old Woman got high
sitting next to Wallace and me
she took my hand and
I grabbed Wallace
in a second we were tripping
on the Old Woman's high

she gave birth to a
Revolutionary Midget
  that ran center stage

I am The Greatest!
why don't somebody tell him about
Muhammad Ali? 

I asked Wallace
  a Black Widow Spider
gave a full fisted power sign 
I'm with you brother
 I know you the greatest

the Militant Midget started
reciting Rap Brown's rap and
Bobby Seals out of date rhetoric
he don't know the revolution
ain't coming cause ain't nobody
militant these days

the Four Poets said when
the Revolution come
 it won't be televised
it ain't gonna be heard
on the radio either
AM or FM

  We're not free

 We're not free
 the Militant Midget proclaimed
stomping his baby feet

the Man lied to you
tell them Ms. Gladys
tell them Mr. Pips

Damn! he's a proper
talking little freak
the Militant Midget's
 mama pulled him off  the stage
struggling to cut the
umbilical cord

 liberating herself
and us from her too late son

the Black Widow Spider whispered in
the Militant Midget's ear
your Old Lady ain't down
with real freedom like you
somebody told her 

she's already free
she don't know no better

I heard it through the grapevine
the crowd sang

Hallelujah! Hallelujah!
the Old Woman agreed

who is that on that
talking bout Freedom

he can't even spell it!
throw rotten tomatoes at
the hotheaded punk
he ain't no son of mine

right on, Old Lady 
throw rotten tomatoes at
that Midget
he's the one ain't free

tell him about Georgia, Gladys
 tell him about the midnight train
that's heading down south 
tell him when you leaving 
so he can get on board

(C) by dorothy charles banks

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