Sunday, March 21, 2010

Tiger Woods: I've Missed You!

Tiger Woods
The porno slut is hustling publicity again. She has revealed to the media the “supposed”sexual text messages between herself and Tiger Woods. At first she demanded that Woods apologize to her on national TV.

Her ego is bigger than her "porno assistant." Use your imagination on that one.

Whoever heard of a woman acting like a side-line whore, and not keeping quiet about it? A sign of the times I guess. Sleep with somebody famous–divorced, single or married-- and broadcast it to the world. Then claim to be an unwilling victim who was persuaded by the aggressor to commit adultery.

Woe is the porn slut, and the other peroxide bimbos who came forward, claiming they had affairs with Woods.  He  is certainly a busy man, weaving in and out of hotel beds between winning golf tournaments! Women, though they deny it, are attracted to the loud scent of money, power and fame. I am wondering how many more publicity seeking bimbo's will crawl out the woodwork now that Woods has announced that he will play golf again in April.

The circus has just began. But I digress. Here is the point I want to make.

When the Thanksgiving incident happened with Tiger Woods at his home it was reported that he had been in an automobile accident. The first thing I wanted to know was if he was alright or seriously injured. I wanted to know if he had sustained injuries that would cut short his brilliant golfing career. 

After learning that he was not seriously injured I wanted to know when he would get back on the golf course. You see, I never watched golf until I started watching Woods. I even learned golf lingo so I would know what the broadcasters were talking about. I was and still am ready to start rooting for Tiger Woods again. I have not watched since his departure.

Unlike the scandal driven media, and individuals who want to see Woods hit rock bottom-- I do not care what he did in his personal life. I have a hard enough time keeping my own closet clean. A couple of weeks ago I heard a woman call a radio talk show. She said the only way Woods can prove that he is sorry for cheating on his wife is by give all of his money to charity, and start over! She even suggested he start by working at McDonald’s or some place similar! The caller probably never accomplished a dream that made her wealthy or financially comfortable. You do not give your fortune because of adultery.

I have watched Woods for years. I never saw him project a perfect man image. I saw a golfer who loved and respected his his father. He loves the game of golf. He works hard to perfect his game. He plays to win. He has earned his right to live lavishly. He has the money to pay for it. He is not an affirmative action success story, as one female golfer once implied.

Woods is not saint. He did not force those women to perform whatever sexual act they committed themselves to in privacy. I wager that none of the golfers will dare throw the first stone at Woods. At least not in public. I am sure they know there are more ways to sin other than adultery.

So before passing judgment on Tiger Woods, or anyone else, check your own closet. Check under your own bed to see what’s hiding under there. Is it an innocent angel smiling back at you? Or is it a dark secret you want to forget and continue hiding?

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