Thursday, March 11, 2010

The 2010 US Census shouldn't be avoided

Senator Ron Paul, Libertarian
On March 3 I read an editorial in the Houston Chronicle, written by Ron Paul. He was telling citizens to ignore the 2010 census because the government only wants to collect private information on any one who fills out the forms.

I am surprised that a seasoned politician like Paul would suggest that people not fill out the US Census. With this editorial he proved that ignorance is bliss, and some people will do whatever is told to them. The U. S. government does not depend on the census to gather information about citizens.

Each time individuals fill out employment applications, visit their private doctor or go the emergency room, enroll in college, fill out applications for a credit cards, buy a home or rent an apartment, seek a loan or mortgage, start a business–they are revealing more about themselves and family members than they would on the US Census.

The census is basically about political representation in Congress, and federal money that  states receive. A numbers count is just as important as the information collected. A vote against the census is a vote against yourself and your state, city or county. By the way, if you think no other agency has “private” information on you, do a people or genealogy search on the Internet.

Surprise! Surprise! You have no private life after all!

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