Saturday, November 12, 2011

Repulsed by one; enthralled by the other

Enthralled by Herman Cain
Repulsion for President Obama
It is now way past common knowledge that Barack Obama is of mixed heritage. He has a White mother and a Black father from Kenya. He was raised by his late mother and White grandparents.

During Obama’s run for the presidency he was demonized and scandalized by southern-raised yahoos. When he won the presidency their open contempt flowed like a polluted river from one red state to the other. Monied organizations like Americans for Prosperity financed anti-Obama protests. Participants proudly displayed signs and banners communicating old school emotions and fanaticism. 

Republicans were empowered by their own agenda and spirit of repulsion for Obama. Their pre-election animus boiled over, spilling into Obama’s presidency. They declared before the campaign began that Hillary Clinton would get the Democratic nomination; Rudy Giuliani would get the Republican nomination. Giuliani was favored to win the presidency against Clinton. Pollsters and the media predicted he would prance to victory. In the meanwhile, the
media complex and prognosticators treated Obama like a sideshow that would be laughed of the national stage in 2008.

Herman Cain, on the other hand, in 2011, has a devoted following among the same people that loathe Obama. Inasmuch as Cain is not garnering fevered love from the majority of elected Republicans,  a few of them are in his corner. At least they pretend to be in public. Republican rivals who bash Cain have been measured in their language and criticism. They do not want to alienate his supporters, most of whom belong to the tea party club, and are vocal in their dislike of President Obama.

At a recent Americans for Prosperity Foundation conference in Washington, Cain got thunderous approval when he introduced himself as "the Koch brothers' brother from another mother."  Nothing original but his supporters ate it up.

Charles and David Koch are multi-billionaires who  are buying politicians and the offices they want them to win. By the way, Cain lifted that “brother from another mother” line from Rush Hour 1,  delivered by actor/comedian Chris Tucker. Another by the way--the Koch brothers will not be spending millions of dollars on Cain's campaign. They know he will not get the nomination. Tea party support for Cain will falter before election day.

This week Cain mentioned Bill Ayers in the midst of a speech. Ayers is a favorite bogeyman for Republican candidates.  In 2008 the GOP used Ayers like a pin cushion, hoping to needle punch the air out of Obama’s candidacy.  I suspect Cain will rehash this old and trite tactics, using  Ayers, Rev. Wright, Obama’s birth certificate and legal citizenship to appease his base. 

As an African American who follows Herman Cain’s candidacy, I see the historical aspect of his running to defeat a sitting president, who is Black. We have never had that happen in America, and it will probably be many more decades to come before it happens again. Despite Obama being a historical first in America, I  do not think Cain will become the second Black president. He confirms my observations each time he participates in the Republican's debates. I sense that he is controlling and short-tempered. He has a mean streak that cameras cannot hide.

There is an old adage that says, “seek and ye shall find.”  After a couple of hours of searching the Internet I found my answer  on the
American Thinker, where I read an article titled “10 Reasons to  Support Herman Cain for President” by C. Edmund Wright, July 18, 2011.

Wright wrote that the number one reason for electing Cain is: “It opens the door to a ticket of Cain and Haley Barbour in some order.  OK, maybe this is not earthshaking, but imagine the 'racist Republican Party' putting forth a national ticket including a drawlin' Mississippi good ol' boy and a black businessman who still speaks a smidgen of Ebonics.”

Wright cleared up the hate Obama, love Cain question for me. His number 10 reason for electing Cain dealt with race. He wrote: “A Cain candidacy not only takes the race card off the table -- it might in fact put it in the Republicans' camp.  Frankly, Cain is 'blacker' than Obama in every way imaginable.  He does not have a white parent.  

"He has a slight black dialect and does not ‘turn it off’ to impress Harry Reid or Joe Biden, nor does he ‘amp it up’ to impress Jeremiah Wright. As Obama's presidency has shown, America did not need a black president. What America needs is to just get over the race thing, period.  Cain is over it, and I bet he would flat-out tell Obama to get over it, too.”

Repulsion for President Obama 
Enthralled by Herman Cain
Enthralled  by Herman Cain
Repulsion for President Obama

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