Sunday, November 20, 2011

Hate is a festering sore that cannot heal itself

First Michelle Obama and Dr. Jill Biden promoting support of veterans at NASCAR, where they were booed by some disgruntled individuals attending the race.

Hate has no limit, neither does its second cousin, Ignorance. Individuals who booed the First and Second Ladies at NASCAR were limited in their knowledge about what the two have done to benefit veterans and their families. Fighting for veterans and their families has been a nonstop project for Michelle Obama and Jill Biden.

I am elated to see that these educated, talented, hard working women are able to rise above quibblers. Hate and whining is time consuming. It eventually destroys the individual  accepts it as an important addition t0 his or her life. Hate eats you alive. It smothers the senses. It festers like an incurable sore. Those who booed Michelle and Jill cannot let go of their rancor and that festering sore. These personality downfalls have resided in them too many years. They are not willing to let go.

Confucius said: "Ignorance is the night of mind; a night without moon or stars." Confucius did not know these MASCAR folk but he was right on the money about who they are.

How sad it is that disgruntled NASCAR fans did not realize they are shutting out the moon and stars, two of the freest gifts in life. Michelle Obama and Jill Biden are trying to give both of these to the troops and their families. Our soldiers deserve the moon and stars and more, because their lives have been uprooted by two deadly conflicts in the Middle East. Their lives have been changed for ever. Their peace of mind is walking on egg shells.

By disrespecting Michelle and Jill, the booing fans disrespected deployed troops, veterans, the wives of soldiers, the husbands of soldiers, their children, and their service to America. The booing was tantamount to stomping on the graves of men and women who lost their lives fighting for America's freedom. A freedom that allowed NASCAR fans to boo two women struggling to fulfill a promise.

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