Sunday, August 21, 2011

Moody Malady

Moody Malady

O'manic Depression
You moody malady
You took me to the limit
You set me free

I soared with the eagle
I swan with the whale
I was an angel from heaven
I was a nightingale

I would do anything
I was drunk with glee
You make the TV
Talk to me

And then the Thorazine cast its gloomy spell
I crashed from heaven, down into hell
I felt a great weight, too much to bear
I was overcome with despair

But God lifted me up
From my misery
You see, O'manic Depression
He is  greater than thee

And tho' now I am truly free
Our bouts will always be a part of me

Reprinted with permission from the author 
Copyrighted by David Delahoussayse 

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