Sunday, May 15, 2011

Get ready for the return of Christ to the Twilight Zone in your neighborhood

Hurry! Hurry! You have only got six more days to get right with God! Make sure your personal business is in order. Close out all checking and saving accounts. Say goodbye to your friends and family.  Forget that divorce you planned to get. Amend all wrongs you have done to others. You do not want to meet Christ with a heavy, hateful heart. Behind on your bills? Forget about it.

Does this sound silly to you? It sounds silly to me, too. But I'll continue anyway.

On a late night radio show Wednesday a woman called in to say that she was getting ready for May 21. She was putting off surgery because she would not need it in heaven. The host of the show did not discourage her. His show primarily focuses is visiting aliens (outer space), conspiracy theories, flying saucers and self-healing. He does not believe that Osama bin Laden is really dead. He says the Navy SEALS killing bin Laden is a government trick.

His show is akin to the Twilight Zone five days a week. His listeners believe whatever he tells them., and it appears that he has a pretty large following of people who have had alien encounters. Some even say they have been abducted by aliens who tool them to their planets and experimented on them. Of course their members were absorbed their experiences soon after they were returned to earth. 

I laughed all the through the ridiculous exchanges. But wait! What if?  Naw. Christ is not coming next Saturday! I'll believe it when I see Him. Still . . . maybe I should cook a big meal just in case he drops by my house. Maybe I can win favor through his stomach.

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