Sunday, May 15, 2011

'Don't come to me for help when a disaster strikes, you big dummy!'

Pres. Candidate Sen. Ron Paul
Quote of the decade

"It's a moral hazard to say that government is always going to take care of us when we do dumb things. I'm trying to get people to not do dumb things. Besides, its not authorized in the constitution."

Ron Paul, Libertarian, Texas
Presidential candidate for 2012

According to Paul, if you live in a state, city or town where Mother Nature may strike without warning  in the form  f a devastating tornado, hurricane or flood, you are a dummy! You don't deserve help from the government or the generosity of private donors. You knew the dangers! Now deal with it, dummy!

If you live in a town or state where a wild fire may wreak havoc, destroying your neighborhood, you should have known not to move into a disaster-prone neighborhood in the first place! You should have looked for a town, city or state where there are no wild fires, floods, hurricanes or tornadoes.

You ought to have insurance if you want to live recklessly and dangerously! Ron Paul says he has the insurance he needs. He is prepared for disasters. There was no way he is going to ask FEMA for help, like his big government hating friend, Gov. Rick Perry. You know him don't you? He's the "I'm thinking about running for president" guy who wants Texas to secede from the Union!

If Ron Paul is elected president, and your state, city or town has the misfortune of getting hit by a tremendous disaster, bought to you by Mother Nature, don't expect him or the government to pull you up by your bootstraps. Paul says that the government helping citizens in distress is not constitutional. The U.S. Constitution does not say the government is obligated to help you, your state, city or town. Paul said he will dismantle FEMA if elected president.  

Wait a doggone minute! Prostitution and marijuana are not constitutional either but Paul favors legalizing them! Paul's priorities are evidently self-indulgent perks.

Some free advice from me: Have a box of bootstraps ready in case you are hit by a disaster. Who you gonna call? Ghostbusters? You can't. They don't deal with disaster unrelated to ghosts!

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