Sunday, April 17, 2011

Emailer's plea: 'Everybody knows me knows that I am not a racist . . . it was a joke'

Young Barack Obama and his parents.
Orange County Republican Party Central Committee member, and active tea partier Marilyn Davenport has a sense of humor. Davenport and some of her friends seem to have tasteless humor when it comes to President Obama and his family.

The  picture on the right was sent to a select group of people, presumably answering the Obama birth certificate question. Davenport's caption stated: "Now you know why. . . No birth certificate."

The savorless photo depicts a young Obama, his mother and father as a family of chimpanzees. This tasteless display of rubber stamped ignorance by Davenport is nothing new. Republicans, all wannabe comedians, must stay up late at night thinking of these stereotypical gems.

Davenport claimed the usual: "I have Black friends" the reason she saw nothing wrong the emailed picture. She said everybody who knows her knows that she is not a racist. I am always leery of a White person who tells me he or she is not racist. Poor Daveport, having Black friends, does not understand what all the brouhaha is about.

She suggested this kind of humor is all over the Internet and YouTube. She said the media did not make a big fuss about similar pictures of prior presidents; therefore, it is unreasonable for the "liberal media" to complain about this depiction of the President. I think she is saying the media are hot under the collar because Obama is African American, and are protective of his image. Orly Taitz, the Soviet Union born Obama birth certificate obsessed stalker, also lives in Orange County. I'm sure she was on the email list.
Davenport said she will not voluntarily step down from her position, which she has been asked to do. She defended another "joker" who sent a  email depicting a field of watermelons on the front lawn of the White House.

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Roger said...

Please sign the petition calling for Marilyn Davenport to resign, effective immediately.