Monday, May 10, 2010

To post or not to post your thoughts, that is the question

Everyday I read lots of new stories, columnists and editorials in a variety of online newspapers and magazines. I love posting my comments after reading the writers. I stay away from profanity. I can express myself without getting vulgar, missing the point of the story or editorial. If someone responds to what I post, I do not get into an online-argument with them.

When you post an opinion online that makes you fair game. There is no reason to get angry when you are responded to in a negatively. I have read posts that were totally disconnected to the news story or editorial. I find myself saying: “Where did that come from? It's not in this story!” If the writer is talking about green eggs, some posters delve into a jaw-jacking rant about liberals, socialism, the president, 2012, Democrats and Republicans.

I think commenters show their true personalities because they can hide behind screen names. If the angry posters had to write using their real names, I would if their words would be so critical and acrimonious. Some  posts are quite pleasant and funny to read.

It amazes me when posters complain about civility, particularly in politics. The same posters then express themselves in the vilest, partisan language permissible. On some sights there does not appear to be restrictions on profanity. If what these posters write is true, especially in regard to President Obama, I find the writing extremely troubling.

A rash of responses I recently read in a Texas newspaper ranted about President Obama's religion. I wish I could say I did not know this much hate existed in the United Stated. Alas! I cannot tell that lie with a straight face. I hear it and read it every day from people who preface their statements with: “I am not a racist.” And they go on to write comments transparently vile, racist and derogatory.

They take pride in calling President Obama names. I was not a big fan of President Bush, but I never questioned his religion. I got a chance to participate in an interview when George Bush was governor of Texas. I shook his hand but I could not look into his eyes and see what was in his heart. I find it odd that people can write--without an ounce of proof--that President Obama is not a Christian. They must be psychic.

I'm just saying . . .  .

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