Monday, May 24, 2010

Repeated second guessing of President Obama

Former President Bush lied to America to start wars Afghanistan and Iraq. The media sucked up the lies without question or investigation. Bush talked tough using sound bite language.  He was always good for a bumper sticker slogan. The media thought he was a Texas cowboy who carried a big stick. The media absolutely loved him!

But Bush and VP Dick Cheney hated the media. They used it for their own purpose, and only did interviews with Fox and hate talk radio,. mainly Rush Limbaugh. The media and pundits did not complain for fear of losing the limited access they had to the president and vice president.

Bush neglected the economy. He did not add the cost of the wars into the annual budget. Americans thought the economy was solid as a rock. Bush vacationed more than another media darling, Ronald Reagan. Republicans, the media and hot shot pundits  did not complain out loud. Long vacations, state dinners, traveling on Air Force One were not questioned. The presidential perks were all a part of running the country.

Not so with President Obama. When he hosted his first state dinner and the menu was published, hate radio  talker Laura Ingram had a Texas size hissy fit! She felt the president should have had a less expensive cut of meat, given the economy was in such bad shape. People were jobless and being evicted from their homes. She said when she was home, she and her mother, who was a waitress, ate chopped beef.

Mark Levine, another hate talker who loathes the President, went stock raving mad on radio; yelling and screaming about President Obama travels on Air Force One. He calculated how much gas Air Force used in state  travel and out of the country. He felt that President Obama and his staff should fly commercial. He said people were suffering, and the president was living too high off the hog. He said the President and his family are living better now than they ever lived in their lives. He said the president should stop having state dinners and parties until the economy is back on track.

Pray tell why all the second guessing, analyzing and investigating the President’s every word and decision? These are the same media and pundits that acted like water boys for Bush and Cheney. If Bush and Cheney pissed in their faces and told them it was raining, they would pull out their umbrellas and continue standing in the "rain."

The media are upset because President Obama does not get angry and blow up. His coolness, which is his personality, is disconcerting. He appears not to care, copy cat media and pundits say. He's weak and indecisive, they decided.  They are practically demanding that President Obama paint his face black and perform a minstrel show. They say he is an angry black man, who cannot control his temper.  The proof? There is none. Does not matter. The media and pundits want him to be average like them.

President Obama is constantly compared to dead presidents, and what they would do about the economic crisis. Solutions of yesterday are not workable solutions to fix today’s problems. But that does not matter. The media and pundits think he should channel dead presidents anyhow. When Obama was running for president he campaigned on what he thought was wrong with the country and the economy. He offered solutions. Like all the candidates, he had no inside information regarding the economy, the two wars and the approaching economic disaster that he was about to inherit from George Bush. The media and pundits thought he should have known the economic disaster was coming.

I recall the media  and pundits getting very angry at  the president-elect. They strongly proposed he overthrow Bush, and take control of the White House before January 20. They forget that Obama was a Constitutional professor. They did not want him to wait until inauguration day. Suddenly the media  and pundits were concerned about the economyand wanted candidate Obama to fix it. How quickly the media forgot that in this country, we have one president at a time. That did not stop their ranting at the president-elect.

Since he as been president, no legislation that Obama signed into law is acceptable. Supposedly the general public hates the legislation, especially health care reform. Teabaggers and Republicans say the President does not understand their “values." In searching for a definition of values as touted by Republicans, I found they believe Democrats are sinful, do not believe in God, are not religious, are Satan worshipers, haters of unborn life, America and the Constitution.

Republicans, on the other hand, are the bearers of all that is good: God, guns, religious, love of family and country and the Constitution. None of what I read about Republican values  explained why so many “family values” spouting Republicans cheat on their wives and willfully indulge in homosexual acts with young men, or have affairs with an assortment of women, married and single.

President Barack Obama is faithful to his wife, who he loves and admires. He does not hide that love from the public. After 16 years they still have a date night. The president lights up when she walks into a room. Sometimes she blushes, acting like a high school girl on her first date. The president listens to her. He loves his daughters and his mother-in-law, who he respects. He has faith in God and attends church whenever he can. Since leaving the church he belonged to for 20 years, he explained that he does not want to put another church through the hassle his attendance will cause. He stands on what he believes, whether it’s popular or not. Are these the character traits of a man who has no “values?”

And now right wing pundits, hate talk radio and the media are second guessing Michele Obama’s motives for the White House garden, and wanting to find a solution to obesity in children. Right wings nuts say it’s a government take over! Hate talkers say Michele Obama has no right to tell parents what to feed their children. In other words, if children suffer high blood pressure and diabetes at young ages, so be it.

Laura Ingram bragged on her show about the fatty foods she eats. The reason? She’s showing First Lady Michelle Obama that she cannot tell her what to eat. That is so silly and childish. Ingram is also jealous of Michele Obama. She has compared herself to the First Lady. She's even toned up her arms so she could go sleeveless on TV. One night when she was on Bill O'Reilly she pulled off her jacket. O'Reilly asked if she was stripping. She pulled off her jacket to show off her arms. He did not notice.

The second guessers are trying to rewrite the President’s agenda. When he does not follow their suggestions, they attack him. As I watched Keith Olberman’s Countdown on MSNBC s tonight, he and his guest complained that the President does understand the enormity of the BP oil spill crisis. He left all the power in the hands BP, Olbermann said. He feels that in allowing BP to clean up its own mess, the President is letting the fox guard the hen house.

Last week Chris Matthews suggested the president rent a submarine, gather some divers, go 5,000 leagues under the sea and plug the oil spill! He says the President's coolness scares him.  Matthews wants to see anger from the President. Chris Matthews looks at too many movies. He is always comparing life issues to movies. This spill is not an instant fixer-upper. Who is the wiser: Matthews and the media, or President Obama who first analyzes, holds discussions with experts, and then reaches a sensible conclusion?

I go with the "cool" guy. He is the wisest of them all.

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