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Zombies created in Obama's likeness sold at NRA Convention; purposely used for target pracice

The Obama Derangement Syndrome commenced long before Barack Obama was elected president. The lunacy has been nonstop for four years and four months. White people, and a handful of African Americans who want to be on Fox, feel it is their freedom of speech to say whatever they want about President Obama, his family, his daughters and First Lady Michelle Obama. The majority of the vitriol is hurled at the President. Undisguised racism and bigotry were the keys that opened the door during his campaign days in 2008. 

Early on the White run media complex declared that Barack Obama was unqualified to run for president. The media said he was just a community organizer and university professor turned Congressman turned Senator from Chicago. Never mind that George Bush, an experienced businessman with name recognition, had an unsuccessful run for Congress in Texas. As a businessman Bush decided to run for governor of Texas. His last name pushed him through the door. There was no outcry regarding his inexperience to be governor of Texas. Getting elected governor was Bush's step to becoming president of the U.S.

Barack Obama, an African American, was not afforded the same benefit of the doubt as George Bush and other White males who sought the presidency. He had no name national name recognition or politically connected father.

I am no longer shocked at what is said about President Obama. I find it difficult to differentiate between his critics and his enemies. They all bear the same Dorian Grey ugliness on their faces. The newly elected president of the National Rifle Association (NRA) said President Obama is a “fake president". Respect of the office, and for him, is a word White folk and politicians refuse to connect to this president. 

Some haters even feel it’s their right to threaten the President's life. When these cocopuffs get a visit from those scary men dressed in black—the Secret Service--they say the obvious threats were mere jokes. They would never think of harming President Obama! Suddenly, everyone needs to have a sense of humor! The “jokes” are all too common, and are usually followed by empty apologies that start with “If I offended anyone . . .” Or "I support this president! It's his policies I don't like!"

The NRA held its convention in Houston, Texas over the weekend (May 3-5). Not only did the list of speakers repeat inexhaustible talking points, they were relentless in their paranoid tribal attacks of President Obama.  At the convention a company called Zombie Industries had a display of zombies, evident knockoffs from the TV series “The Walking Dead.” The legless zombies, with full size upper body torsos are used primarily for target practice. When shot they bleed biodegradable matter.

This is the kick to the head: One of the bloody mouthed zombies resembled President Obama. According to BuzzFeed, an Interrnet blogsite, the likeness caught the attention of a NRA member attending the convention. He was so disturbed by the zoombie he asked a Zombie Industries employee to remove it from their display booth.

The Zombie Industries website states that its targets are manufactured in the U.S. I think this is supposed to justify the mockery.

"All Zoombie Industries’ products represent fictitious characters and are works of fiction.  Names, characters, stories, places and incidents are products of the author’s imagination and are used fictitiously.  Any resemblance to actual persons (living or dead), events or locales is entirely coincidental. Zombie Industries is sorry if anyone takes offense to any of our products, but we also have a responsibility to our customers to provide the best possible products to help them prepare for the Zombie Apocalypse."

Zoombie Industries states that all of its targets are "hand painted to accurately resemble an infected human that just finished gnawing your neighbor Zed’s leg, to give you that realistic look so you really feel the hate.” 

I guess the infected President Barack Obama, a fictitious character, a fake president--really hated Zed as he chewed on leg. There was also a couple more booths at the convention that had Obama zombies: a  vampire zombie with a stake in its heart and the gangster zoombie were on display at the Coonan booth.

The Vampire Zombie 

Target gangster resembling President Obama
The latest insult to make the news regarding President Obama occurred August 27 at the Missouri State Fair. The President was dressed up as a rodeo clown with a broom handle literally stuck up his rearend. The routine was so hilarious, it drew a loud roar of approval and laughter from the crowd. One person at the Fair did not find the rodeo joke funny. Below is a CNN report.

President Barack Obama depicted as a rodeo clown at the State Fair

 CNN) -- A rodeo stunt at the Missouri State Fair has come under criticism after a clown donned a Barack Obama mask and stuck on a broom that descended from his backside.
The stunt took place during the bull riding competition on Saturday night.

Rodeo announcer Mark Ficken, president of the Missouri Cowboy Rodeo Association and a school superintendent, announced a special guest: "President Obama."

Another voice is heard over the loudspeaker working up the crowd and saying, "We're going to stomp Obama now."

"As soon as this bull comes out, Obama, don't you move," the second voice said. "He's going to getcha, getcha getcha, getcha."

"Hey, I know I'm a clown," the second voice said. "He's just running around acting like one. Doesn't know he is one."

The stunt sickened Perry Beam, who came to the fair in Sedalia with his wife and a student from Taiwan to "give him a little piece of Americana."

Beam likened the atmosphere to a Klan rally.

"It wasn't clean; it wasn't fun. It was awful; it was sickening," Beam said, "It was racist."

The student, Jameson Hsieh, recorded a video of the incident, but had little to say afterward.

"He didn't say anything. We rode all the way home in silence," said Beam, who lives 50 miles away in Higginsville. "We were just ashamed, and he didn't ask any more questions. I think he had seen enough. It is just disgusting."

CORRECTION: An earlier version of this article incorrectly attributed inappropriate comments made about President Obama at a rodeo to announcer Mark Ficken, the president of the Missouri Cowboy Rodeo Association. The remarks were carried over the loudspeaker system, but were made by a rodeo clown. CNN apologizes for the error.

The rodeo clown that produced the skit was fired after a public outcry. He explained that he meant no harm, and would be glad to meet and shake hands with President Obama, a proposition the media agreed with. Those in media said the President should lighten up,  develop a sense of humor, and invite the guy to the White House for a beer. They cited this making fun of  presidents happens all the time. They feel the rodeo clown was fired unjustly.

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