Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Where is the birth certificate, Obama? Or who let the birthers out of the insane asylum?

Yesterday I called the Texas Department of Health Bureau of Vital Statistics in Austin, Texas to ask if an individual is given his/her original birth certificate upon request. My curiosity was peeked when I read that Republican Rep. Judy Burges of Arizona is trying to get a birthers bill passed. The preliminary vote was 31-22. The bill will have to undergo a formal vote before it goes to the Senate. Florida and Oklahoma pulled this prank and met with complete failure.

Arizona legislatures want all future presidential candidates to produce birth certificates if they want on the ballot. You do not have to be a political mastermind to know this is about President Barack Obama’s birth certificate, and his right to be president. Tea party nitwits,  fruitcake politicians and copycat pundits are encouraging these legislators to conduct themselves like ill-informed yokels. They refuse to accept the President's birth certificate that's posted online.

I never saw or read about this kind of brouhaha regarding the birth places of other presidents. No White man running for president has ever showed his birth certificate or proof of his citizenship. If it happened I must have been in a Rip Van Winkle type sleep.

If presidential candidate Hillary Clinton did not uncover evidence that Barack Obama is not an American born citizens–then there is no campaign scandal waiting to be discovered. Clinton and her campaign looked under every rock, every bed, opened every closet. They did a more than thorough job. I am sure John McCain conducted the same kind of search.

I think this pending Arizona Birthers Bill is silly. It is a waste of valuable time. But then, Republicans are good at wasting time. I have to look at my calendar to remind myself that this is 2010, not 1810. In 1946 the U.S. National Center for Health Statistics designed a form for all states to utilize when recording a birth; however, states were not obligated to use it. Each state was free to design its own form.

Birth certificates are titled (a) Certificate of Birth; (b) Certificate of Live Birth or (c) Certificate of Birth Registration. I have my Certificate of Birth. Not the original, a copy. I could not get the original even if I went to court, demanding that Texas not deny me the original certificate. Is it not my right to have the original certificate if I want it? Allow me to answer my own question: A resounding No! I do not have a right to the original. If I lose my photocopied copy, I can always get another copy. If I had the original, and misplaced it, how would I make a copy? Life as I know it would complicated. When a state agency asks to see proof of my age, place of birth, if I am a citizen of the U.S., where is my proof? Word of mouth from friends and relatives won't cut it. I couldn't say: "Trust me. I am an American born citizen. I was born  . . ."

Before states were required to record births no official records kept prior to 1914. If you have researched your family genealogy you discovered that many of your ancestors' birth dates were not officially recorded. Where your ancestors were born, dates of their births and their ages becomes a guessing game. Not having this vital information complicates your search. So it makes sense that original birth certificates not be issued to individuals, but remain in the files of state registrars.

To state it simply--the original birth certificate is the only tangible proof of where you were born, the hospital, the doctor, your parents, the time, family address, occupation of parents, their ages, mother’s maiden name (if married) and the state seal affixed on the certificate. Years ago in Austin a baby's birth was announced in the daily newspaper if the couple was married; the same as President Obama’s birth announcement. Parents cannot stage these announcements decades in advance, foreseeing their adult son or daughter might run president of the U.S.

An employee at Vital Statics told me that no one gets original records of any kind. The State of Texas is in charge of those records, but upon request the individual, or an authorized individual can obtain a copy of a birth certificate, marriage license, etc. She explained the kinds of paper the copy is printed on, which has the Texas seal. She said she could not speak for other states, but she was sure no one has ever been given an original birth certificate.

All this birthers trash talking is about an African American holding the highest office in the  United States. His victory was not supposed to happen. Only White men win the presidency in America. That is this country’s history, the reason Southern birthers are going insane. Needless to say, their propagandizing, hate talk and shrill punditry began long before the 2008 election. Baseless accusations against candidate Obama has always been wildly out of control. As of 2010, the lies have gotten bigger.

But, and that is a big hypothetical but, if muckrakers can prove Obama’s presidency is illegitimate due the birth question, that will assure the ankle kickers that their suspicions are justified. The next step will be to erase everything President Obama has done since he has been in office. That proof will be reason to dismantle all legislation with his signature on it. No repeal. Just nullify.

Obama antagonist want an excuse to delete the election and his presidency. That is what they are aiming for with blessings from the media. If this were to occur--the deletion of Obama's presidency--the unfolding event would be a hallelujah moment for the Kool-Aid drinkers. Alas, they will find their lost freedom (that was never left). A battered, disregarded Constitution will find new life.

Citizens who are not getting Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid or VA checks can hang onto their right not to purchase big government medical insurance. No more socialistic "Obamacare" and apologizing for America’s sins. Older citizens will be safe from government death panels and fatal pills. Health care law suits will vanish like a Houdini illusion. White presidential candidates won’t have to produce birth certificates. America will be true America again with the socialist black guy run out of office. Everything will return to "normal" when the next white guy is elected president. Isn't that the way it's supposed to be in America? You betcha!

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