Monday, October 31, 2011

Halloween fun in Virginia

This "fun" poster was emailed to draw people  to a local fair in Virginia.That is a gun shot wound to President Obama's head.
Southern Republicans. What a group yahoos. Their ideal day is labeling Democrats and blaming them for all of the tuneless bells ringing in the band of bells. This delusional exercise makes them happier than ticks on a fat dog.

But be assured they squeal louder than a pig heading to slaughter when the table turns  on them. They detest being called racist hypocrites. Their failed to realize that their sense of decency and civility is bankrupt and corrupt. I have concluded–without the benefit of scientific proof–that a large population of Republicans are naturally violent, and will not hesitate to act on their sadistic urges to snuff out a human life. 

Their distaste for President Obama is too fierce and too consuming to conceal, as depicted in this so-called Halloween party invitation. It was mass emailed to Loudoun County, Virginia Republicans and their supporters.

There is nothing like sending a subliminal invitation to a ready-to-go-over-the edge follower, longing for national praise and attention, catapulting himself into the world's spotlight. He would be a hero to Republicans if he committed an act of violence against the president.

Republican governor of Virginia, Bob O’Donnell did not make an in-person statement admonishing the action of the local GOP for the emailed graphic above. Instead, he talked through a spokesperson. He said the graphic is "shameful and offensive." He asked Loudoun Republicans to apologize to the president.  He asked that no more of these images be used again.

The most troubling for me in the (above) graphic is the image of President Obama, who, above his shoulders, resembles a "Walking Dead"character. He resembles a zombie with a large bullet hole to his forehead. His face is badly bruised. In fact, the whole graphic depicts The Walking Dead

Loudoun County GOP Chairman Mark Sell did not see what the brouhaha was about. The violent graphics on the invitation are fine with him. But, alas, pressure forced him to publicly abandon his sick sense of humor. He said in an interview with Associated Press’s Bob Lewis that the graphic was a "light hearted" attempt to inject satire and humor into Halloween.

“Apparently some individuals have interpreted an image of Barack Obama that appeared within the email, as intending to portray the President as a victim of a violent crime. 
Nothing could be further from the truth, and sincerely apologizes to the President 
and anyone who viewed the images if that was the impression that was left.(Yahoo News)

I decided to read some of comments posted below the story on Yahoo News. I wish I could say I was shocked and/or surprised  at what I read. Many of the commenters said the violent graphic is funny, and asked: What's the big deal? Someone posted that [s]he was disappointed the graphic wasn't a real photo of President Obama. I assume he or she means an autopsy photo.

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