Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Rick Perry throws stale red meat and buzz words at information challenged tea partiers

There are White people who refuse to accept the fact that an African American won the presidency in 2008 by a large margin over his White opponent, John McCain. These people commenced protesting against Barack Obama before he was inaugurated.

Several months ago Donald Trump revived the birther circus, glorifying in his ring master role. Everyone with an ounce of common sense knew that Trump was only interested in driving up ratings for his TV show The Apprentice. After signing for a new season he straightway dropped the charade and his plan to run for president.

Texas governor Rick Perry, after having dinner with Trump, came out of the dining room to throw left over steak at information challenged tea party folk. Tonight on MSNBC’s Chris Matthews' Hardball,  I saw an ad that Gov. Slick Rick Perry is running. It is chalk full of buzz words, dark and gloomy images signifying Obama’s presidency; the bright, busy images noting how Perry will change the country. At the end Perry (face unseen) rides up on a horse to save a dying America. He sees himself as the self-appointed hero who will vanquish President Obama in 2012. At the end of the ad are the words “An American.

 “An American.” Now doesn’t that sound familiar? The ad implies that President Barack Obama is not an American. He’s a foreigner. Hawaii, the President's place of birth, is not a legitimate U. S. state! Whereas Slick Rick Perry platform to defeat the President, he is wasting time pumping vitamins into bedridden sound bites.

In his New York speech on Israel, Perry said President Obama is an "appeaser." Perry said the President's foreign policy regarding Israel is "dangerous." This foolish talk was, and still is the kooky meme of tea party politicians and Republicans.

In addition to remembering malnourished comments oozing out the mouths of these people,  I can still remember the homemade posters they proudly displayed at their protests at their anti-Obama protests. Children were holding posters they could not read or understand. Not many of the adults understood what they had scribbled on their homemade posters, ether!  Below are some of those racially tainted posters.

Dale Roberston, Tea Party president in Houston, TX

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