Friday, August 26, 2011

Will "big government" complainers accept its help in the face of two natural disasters?

Rev. Al  Sharpton, MSNBC
I watched Rev. Al Sharpton on MSNBC last night. He talked about politics, Hurricane Irene (August 21, 21, 2011), how government will automatically step in and help states hit by the hurricane. He reported about a recent earthquake that originated in Virginia, home of "no more big government" politician Eric Cantor.

Sharpton said Republicans are already plotting to play politics with people's lives, using these two natural disasters to extort concession from President Obama when Congress convenes on Monday, at which time the president will reveal his jobs plan to Congress and America.

Many residents hit by the earthquake, and those expected to be hit by the Hurricane Irene, are the main citizens complaining that government is "too big."  It spends money that it does not have, they say. It has becomes somewhat fashionable for these residents to claim they want "big government" out of their lives.

I have become cynical in my attitude about these "help me but diss everybody else" complainers.  I wondered if they will complain about "big government" when they find themselves in desperate need of  big government to come to their rescue. When FEMA and the Red Cross come to help, will they refuse?  Will they say "stay out of our life?" I will be interested to see their reaction to offers of help from "big government."

 Sharpton concluded his show with another insightful quote: "I want a government that's big enough to protect us, but weak enough to let us live our lives".

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