Friday, June 24, 2011

Our roots are deep

Our roots are deep     
 Our roots are
         Strong and deep
      Nurtured by the
      Rich and fertile
        Soil of our ancestors

            Anchored by a legacy
            Of faith
                  And love

       Our roots are
              Strong and deep
          Bearing us across
         The nation
                Sustaining us, causing us
                 To produce branches
                  That freely reach
                   Toward the stars

    Our roots are strong and deep
        Giving us strength
          To stand tall
            In life's valleys and on
      The mountain tops
       Granting us the spirit
         And wisdom to
            Humbly kneel in prayer

             We lift our
               Voices in songs
                 Of praise
          Glory be to God
             Our roots are
         Strong and deep

     copyrighted by Lorenzo Fritzpatrick

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