Sunday, May 29, 2011

To my one and only love

to my one and only love

The day I met and fell 
madly in love with you 
was a lucky day for me

you resurrected 
my spirit
you renewed my
faith in me

it was the day 
my eyes captured
the beauty around me
the beauty lying
dormant inside me

through your guidance
I learned patience
and understanding
I learned to express
and show 
sincere compassion
for someone 
than myself

you told me to let go of 
my hard eyes 
so soft tears could flow
soft tears made
the prettiest roses
you said

your love and 
understanding taught 
me to appreciate 
being alive every day
 every hour
every minute
every second
you said eternity would
be ours forever

most of all
you taught me 
how to laugh again
removing my
trade make frown
utilized for my 
own protection

for all these wonderful 
things you’ve given me freely
and from your heart

I just want to say: 
Thank You.

copyrighted by dorothy charles banks 

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