Monday, May 23, 2011

'Temporary leader' and the Alaskan brain on vacation in Palintown

Sarah Palin
 Sarah Palin has a fleet of complaints on her mind. She has to get them off her mind before the Rapture. The Alaskan Christian was holding court on Fox, getting interviewed by Judge Jeanine Perino. The subject was President Obama, a form of religion for Palin. 

Rehashing Obama's words and what he said about Israel, Palin said, “We the people need to rise up and say we’ll take a stand for Israel. We’ll be on their side even if our . . . I’m going to call him our 'temporary leader', because my goal is to make sure that President Obama isn’t reelected in 2012.”

If this is her goal, does that mean she is only going to run for president to knock Obama off his presidential pedestal? She did say if no one was interested in running for president in 2012, she would gladly consider it. 

Question: How quickly will she get bored and quit the presidency if she pulled off a victory?

Oops! Palin spoke too fast. Several Republicans have decided they want the job. But they are having a hard time staying put.  They are falling off the stage.  Palin, thinking she has staying power, is presupposing that voters are so unhappy with President Obama they will automatically vote for her. Maybe Governor Slick Rick Perry of Texas will be her running mate. They adore each other. Palin's ego will never allow her to be the second man on base again.

Palin's naive assumptions are likened to getting pregnant before getting marriage; or eating supper first and then saying  grace after the meal. Intellectually, she’s got a long way to go and a very short time to get there.

She demonstrated long ago that you cannot make a silk purse out of pig skin. Intellect and sophistication are not evident in Palin resume.  She does not realize that the Presidency has always been a temporary job. That’s why incumbents vie for a second term. It's a contest. After four or eight years in office it’s early retirement. There are no dictatorships in the U.S.

Palin is also revealing herself to be a thin skinned mudslinger, with a national stage on which she can hurl cliche rants and raves. The down home country girl showboating does not work for me. She has, on occasion, referred to herself as a “redneck woman.” The question is, is she smarter than a redneck? The redneck woman tag is fine, but I expect her to have a larger vocabulary and a grasp of world issues. She cannot Twitter and Facebook world leaders. 

As I see it far too many Americans have been "intellectually downsized", rendering them incapable of understanding complex  problems and situations, let alone a complex statement with more than two "high flying words."

I’ve heard some people say President Obama uses too "many big words."  He is an educated man who earned his right to talk like an educated adult. I have no problem understanding him. I do not expect to  hear him talking sling, rap, or media driven sound bites.

A couple of weeks ago Chris Matthews of  Hardball on MSNBC  said, "We don't like to pick a president who is smarter than we are." His two guests looked at him, somewhat startled. They smiled but did not respond. I've heard other pundits complain that President Obama sounds too much  like a professor when addressing Americans. They ridicule his correct pronunciation of foreign presidents and countries. He does not sound "American" is the implication.

These same critics hang onto every word Plain writes on Facebook and Twitter. They reiterate her dear diary rants no matter how incoherent they are. They put Palin on the same plane as President Obama; however, press coverage of her is more positive compared to coverage of the President. Pundits say Palin talks in a way that enables people to relate to her. She is not an "elitist" professor. Her language is common. 

Personally, I'll take the elitist professor seven days out of seven. I do not want to hear elementary language coming from a U.S. president.  I do not like reality shows and  ringmasters pretending to be high level politicians.

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