Monday, February 28, 2011

Satan's Son and other photos

Satan's Son
Hello Visitors:

Welcome to my Texas Tree Magic Collection of photos. All of these images are amazing and magical. Strange as it may sounds to say out loud, the "poses" and "faces" in trees seemed commonly familiar to me, and would fit well in a horror movie. Many of them resemble paintings and drawings. One photo reminds me of the mask in Phantom of the Opera, a Broadway hit. (see below). I especially like the Jesus in Abstract. It reminds me of a Picasso painting. (bottom of page)

When I began taking these pictures in the summer of 2001, I walked for hours, carefully examining and inspecting countless trees, not sure of what I was looking for. I stumbled on "faces" in the trees quite by accident. One day I snapped what I thought was an image. I did not know what I had until the pictures  were developed.

As an amateur photographer I was shocked to see what I had! I instantly found a new respect for trees. Previously, I'd only taken photos of family, friends and shots for news stories.

Soon I was taking rolls and rolls of film. It got to be quite expensive. I overlooked the expense because the trees were providing me with something I never thought I'd see. I discovered that trees are nudists. They are emotional.  They are angry. They are shapely. They are innocent.  They are defective. They are animals. They are exhibitionists. They are abstract. They are sexual. They are loving . . . all the things humans are.

That's what made this adventure with trees so thrilling and enlightening. The guy who processed my film was as excited as me when I'd take rolls of film to be processed. He could not wait to see more new images. "What you got this week?" he would ask excitedly. "Your guess is as good as mine," I'd tell him. He told me, as have several people, "I'll never look at a tree with the same way again." I love hearing those words.

The reason the photos were so colorful and expressive is because Texas experienced a few dry summers without rain. The drought heightened the trees colors. When it finally rained, it rained for weeks and weeks and weeks. The constant raining washed away the images. I returned to some of the same place, and photographed the same trees. I was so disappointed. Nothing was there but colorless, rain washed bark. I was lucky to pick the right summers to take these photos, all of which are one-of-a-kind.

Doggy in the Window
Capital Grounds Ghost
Every time I see a tree getting cut down, I cringe, and wonder what images are hidden in them. None of these photos have been photoshopped or manipulated to make them appear aesthetically pleasing to the eye. I like the raw look of the trees, allowing each photo to speak for itself. Each tree has its own personality.

Pssst! Up Here!
Queen of the jungle
The Turtle
Jesus in Abstract

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