Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Setting the tone to disrespect Barack Obama

President Barack Obama
The media and pundits set the tone to disrespect Barack Obama when he was a presidential candidate. They treated him like a joke as they did Al Sharpton, Republican Alan Keys and Jesse Jackson. Prior to them it was Congresswoman Shirley Chisholm, who ran for president in 1972. They were all African American candidates.

When Obama was elected president, critics, the media and pundits turned up their disrespect volume. They accused him of wearing a pair of "mommie jeans" when he threw out the first ball at the world series. They said he threw the ball like a woman. Maureen Dowd, columnist with the New York Times, wrote the President "makes decisions like a woman." 

I do not have space to list all the other names she has called President Obama since he's been in office. She was and still is a stalker on paper. I question her constant attacks. She ranks right up there with Sarah Palin. Both of these women are obsessed with President Obama.

During his campaign the media and pundits got angry because they could not force candidate Obama to go over the deep end, showing that he is an "angry black man." They could then say he is too emotional to be president.

Media and pundits have said, and still say,  Obama does not understand what it takes to be president. They say the fire that is supposed to be in his belly is lukewarm. They say he is too scared to get in a fight Republicans. 

MSNBC's Ed Schultz said President Obama needs “to grow a spine.” Schultz equates screaming and demanding with having a spine. Chris Matthew has made statements similar to Schultz. Fox pundits call President Obama a communists, a dictator, a socialist, Hitler and more. The Daily Show host Jon Stewart called him "dude" in an interview. He has made biting commentary about many decisions made by President Obama.

Critics, TV hosts and pundits seldom address Obama as President Obama. Connecting his name to “President” leaves a bad taste in their mouths. None of the major print media gives the president credit for his many accomplishments. Whatever he say, critics and pundits feel that they--none of whom have been elected to a political office--can say it a better. Rachel Maddow of MSNBC rewrote the President's first State of the Union address to say what she wanted him to say. She read her state of the union address on her show. She assumed that she is better suited to solve gay issues because she is gay.

O'Reilly of Fox News decided he was going to show President Obama who was boss when he was granted an interview before Superbowl game.  Remembering an pre-game interview he conducted with President George Bush, I went to YouTube to find the 11/11/2010 interview.  I was ready to count the times O'reilly interrupted Bush.

Everyone who has watched an O'Reilly interview knows that he makes himself a part of interviews, regularly voicing his opinion. When he interviewed Bush he allowed him to complete responses without interruption. I had pencil and paper ready to write down the interruptions. The few that I counted were not forceful, and hardly classified as interruptions. He flattered Bush, and lightly disagreed with him a couple of times. O'Reilly was not the same with President Obama. He was extremely rude, and egotistical enough to solicit compliments from the President.

When he asked the President about the media and people hating him, I remembered him asking Bush a similar question: "How you feel about the media hating you?" To President Obama he said "the media and people." Clearly O'Reilly had an agenda with his "gotcha" interview. If he intended to catch President Obama off guard, saying something that would catapult him (O'Reilly) into the media eye for a day or two, he failed the task.

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