Wednesday, January 12, 2011

When we willfully give into fear and threats, we lose the battle

Sen. Anthony Miller
Forty-three year old Anthony Miller, a Republican from Arizona, and former campaign worker for Republican Senator of John McCain, resigned as chairman of the Arizona Legislature District 20, because of verbal and blogged threats to himself and his family.

Miller, an African American, said angry supporters of J.D. Hayworth called him “McCain’s boy.” Hayworth ran against McCain in the November 2010 election. Miller’s resignation, along with three other Republicans, was prompted by the Saturday shootings in Arizona, in which Democratic Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords was the main target. A nine year old girl and five others were killed; 14 bystanders were injured.

The shooter was 22 year old Jared Loughner of Arizona. The act of terrorism  at the Safeway

Republican J .D. Hayworth
grocery store reminded me of  a program I saw on TV a few of weeks ago. The documentary dealt with gangsters telling their stories in their own words, describing their lifestyle, their rise and fall from power. One young gangster, now in prison, said: “America loves violence. They love to watch it.” 

For that reason he relished his involvement in violence and criminal acts. He is right about the love of  violence. The proof is on YouTube, where millions tune in to look at violent videos. Violent news clips are shown repeatedly on local and cable news.  Movie goers flock to see violent movies more for the violence than to see thin plots. The movie "Friday 13th" was a favorite the first time it was seen on the big screen.  Jason was hell on wheels with a butcher knife. 

That old adage in the media are true: "If it bleeds it leads." I might add that if its violent it sells. Even the threat of violence peaks interest.

Watching a 9/11 documentary I heard Donald Rumsfeld say: “Terrorists intent is not to kill, but to terrorize people enough to make them do what they want them to do.” He said to some extent the terrorists have succeeded. Since 9/11 the government has been spending millions of dollars to secure the safety of Americans. Merely catching a plane is now complicated by new rules and regulations. There is still an element of fear of another terrorists attack on the scale of 9/11.

The threat to Miller fits into the language of gangsters, the politicians and 9/11. The title of the article about Miller says a lot: “Fearing tea party violence, four Arizona Republicans resign”. Tea party zealots are acting like homegrown terrorists and out right gangsters in their quest to force everyone to adopt their ideologies. These fanatics are daring politicians to go against their definition of what’s politically correct or suffer dire consequences. These four Republicans are taking the threats seriously. They  want no harm to come to their families.

If this trend takes hold in the future, bullies who threaten politicians will get their way. If America is willing to stand by and allow this to happen to elected officials, then a small band of terrorists wins the war with little effort. If Americans stay silent, over zealous tea partiers will attempt to run this country like a dictatorship, rewriting the Constitution to fit their anti-government agenda. Any politician that steps out of line will be threatened with death.

Media outlets played an around-the-clock role in hyping the legitimacy of the tea party as a viable third party, intentionally enlarging their strength and importance in the realm of mainstream politics. These edgy terrorists in costumes made sure Americans mainlined their hyped image. I do not believe the tea party is that large, nor are all  tea partiers reading from the same page. 

Hundreds of them are encouraged to protest by the likes of Dick Armey's Prosperity for America,  billionaires Charles and David Koch,  all of whom want to  buy political power in 2012. If it means violating other politicians Constitutional right to life and peaceful assembly, let the bullets fall where they will.

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