Friday, November 26, 2010

Talking loud, saying nothing

House Speaker John Boehner
Boehner was voted Speaker of the House to the 112th Congress. He finally got his wish. He says the House Republican caucus has yet to engage the issues they campaigned on. “We’ll have time over the coming months to discuss that issue and how we might move such an issue, but those conversations haven’t started yet,” he said.

This is the staged, planned, concocted strategy of Republicans. Not to engage the issue. They have sat on their hands for two years because they have no answers to problems. But mostly because they want President Obama to fail in a big way. They want his fall to be heard around the world.

Republicans have no answers to decreasing or balancing the deficit. They are only sure that they want to bring President Obama and his administration to its knees. They are are only sure that they want President Obama to be a one-term president, as stated by Mitch McConnell and Jim DeMint. They are sure that they want to tamper with the Constitution of the United States, and then tell Americans that President Obama is violating and ignoring the Constitution.

Republicans are sure they want the George Bush tax cuts to remain in place. The rich and powerful impregnated them with millions of dollars to win the midterm elections. And it's time to deliver. No waiting until the January swearing ceremony.

The obstruction will continue. Republicans will wait for Democrats to make a decision and they will disagree, and then tell America that Democrats refused to work with them; refused to seek their input. They have already decided that President Obama will have to play ball with them or else. They are daring him to think independently. They expect the President to extend more olive branches. They said the American people gifted them with a mandate.

If nothing gets done Republicans will hold regular press conferences to tell America: "We tried to do what the American people expect us to do, but President Obama wouldn't take any of our suggestions. He wants to ram his agenda down our throats. That's not what the American people want."

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