Thursday, November 25, 2010

Radio host Rush Limbaugh goes bonkers over President Obama's Thanksgiving Proclamation

Rush Limbaugh
Rush Limbaugh cannot keep his foot out of his mouth. He’s smack-dab in the middle of  his regular bitchfest. Again. President Obama is his target. Again. Rush always needs an enemy to attack. He is delusional racist. He hates women and Democrats. He reeks of jealousy despite being a multi-millionaire. His bitching is exhausting!

Every day he's on radio he has to top what he said the day or week before. Ridiculousness and absurdity keeps his face in the spotlight. He is quoted by TV hosts like he's making news worth reporting. His much awaited words tend to feed salivating pundits. They like playing Limbaugh's sounds bites and nonsense. Bloggers and the media that loves him, even try to rationalize his on-air squawking.

A  proclamation issued by President Obama honoring Thanksgiving and the story relating to it, caused Limbaugh to go bonkers on the radio. He could not stop his butt from biting a plug out of his chair. He had a meltdown over a Thanksgiving message to the public from President Obama.

"Every cliche that is wrong about Thanksgiving shows up in his proclamation. The Pilgrims show up at Plymouth. The Indians had been there for thousands of years. We get off the boats. We don't know how to feed ourselves. The Indians show us how. They shared their skill in agriculture, which helped the early colonists survive and whose rich culture continues to add to our nation's Heritage. 

"Is it possible he believes it? I don't doubt that he believes it, and even if he doesn't believe it, he wants everybody else to believe it. Obama believes that this nation is fatally flawed since its founding, even before its founding, so it stands to reason -- you know, a lot of people did not hear the true story of Thanksgiving until I wrote it in my book in the early nineties. I can remember Snerdley and H.R. were stunned when they heard the first story of Thanksgiving, the real story, because we'd all been taught a variation of the Indians saved us. We had to draw pictures of it in school, that's exactly right, art projects of the Indians saving us."

 The President said, “A beloved American tradition, Thanksgiving Day offers us the opportunity to focus our thoughts on the grace that has been extended to our people and our country. This spirit brought together the newly arrived Pilgrims and the Wampanoag Tribe, who had been living and thriving around Plymouth, Massachusetts for thousands of years.”

A caller thanked Limbaugh for his "historical perspective" on Thanksgiving. Another caller semi-agreed with Limbaugh. She was somewhat confused. She said, "You may be reading too much into it to say that Obama is perpetuating the entire myth. I wouldn't put it past him." 

"No!" Limbaugh exclaimed. "Obama said that Thanksgiving is about the Indians saving us. The true story of Thanksgiving is how socialism failed. Of course we showed them gratitude. We shared our bounty with them. Not because we didn't know how to make it. It's because we first failed as socialists. Only when we turned capitalists did we have plenty. The Indians didn't teach us capitalism." 

Limbaugh cannot accept history as is. Were Indians aware of socialism and capitalism? I don't think so! I am sure the story he wrote about Thanksgiving is riddled with historical facts that Limbaugh recorded when he stepped on the Mayflower.

Below is the Thanksgiving Proclamation delivered by President Barack Obama. If your analysis is the same as Limbaugh's, please leave a comment.


A beloved American tradition, Thanksgiving Day, offers us the opportunity to focus our thoughts on the grace that has been extended to our people and our country. This spirit brought together the newly arrived Pilgrims and the Wampanoag Tribe -- who had been living and thriving around Plymouth, Massachusetts for thousands of years -- in an autumn harvest feast centuries ago. This Thanksgiving Day, we reflect on the compassion and contributions of Native Americans, whose skill in agriculture helped the early colonists survive, and whose rich culture continues to add to our Nation's heritage. We also pause our normal pursuits on this day and join in a spirit of fellowship and gratitude for the year's bounties and blessings.

Thanksgiving Day is a time each year, dating back to our founding, when we lay aside the troubles and disagreements of the day and bow our heads in humble recognition of the providence bestowed upon our Nation. Amidst the uncertainty of a fledgling experiment in democracy, President George Washington declared the first Thanksgiving in America, recounting the blessings of tranquility, union, and plenty that shined upon our young country. In the dark days of the Civil War when the fate of our Union was in doubt, President Abraham Lincoln proclaimed a Thanksgiving Day, calling for "the Almighty hand" to heal and restore our Nation.

In confronting the challenges of our day, we must draw strength from the resolve of previous generations who faced their own struggles and take comfort in knowing a brighter day has always dawned on our great land. As we stand at the close of one year and look to the promise of the next, we lift up our hearts in gratitude to God for our many blessings, for one another, and for our Nation. This Thanksgiving Day, we remember that the freedoms and security we enjoy as Americans are protected by the brave men and women of the United States Armed Forces. These patriots are willing to lay down their lives in our defense, and they and their families deserve our profound gratitude for their service and sacrifice.

This harvest season, we are also reminded of those experiencing the pangs of hunger or the hardship of economic insecurity. Let us return the kindness and generosity we have seen throughout the year by helping our fellow citizens weather the storms of our day. As Americans gather for the time-honored Thanksgiving Day meal, let us rejoice in the abundance that graces our tables, in the simple gifts that mark our days, in the loved ones who enrich our lives, and in the gifts of a gracious God. Let us recall that our forebears met their challenges with hope and an unfailing spirit, and let us resolve to do the same.

IN WITNESS WHEREOF, I have hereunto set my hand this twenty-third day of November, in the year of our Lord two thousand ten, and of the Independence of the United States of America the two hundred and thirty-fifth.

Barack Obama

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