Monday, August 16, 2010

The Constitution of the Untied States is taking on a 'new' definition of freedom and religion

Amendment 1: "Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press, or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances."

I understand perfectly well that the media and critics of President Obama want to incite their cheerleaders against building a recreation/prayer center in New York, two blocks from Ground Zero. My pretend skills are limited, and that means I cannot summon the emotional tinged anger to get a headache over this "mosque" mess.

Anti-mosque demonstrators at Ground Zero 
I cannot recall a bigger tragedy in America than September 11. This terrorist initiated calamity forced us arrogant Americans to drop to our knees and pray to a God we usually ignore, and set aside until a disaster occurs. The September 11, 2001 tragedy was catastrophic, fatal, destructive. 

I remember exactly where I was and what I was doing. It was early morning. I was getting ready for work, rushing so that I could catch the bus. I was watching the news as I usually do.  I thought I saw a  plane hit a tall building in New York. I thought: Somebody needs to do something these private planes running into buildings! 

Pro-mosque demonstrators
When I arrived at work I immediately turned on the TV in my office (working for a small company allows for perks that larger companies do not),  that's when I got the bigger picture and an even bigger shock. No one knew how large the calamity really was. No one knew it would be a day we would never forget.

We got off our knees and the ugliness returned

Why are anti-Muslim protesters trampling this sacred place of tragic  of death and destruction--Ground Zero--with ugly maliciousness and acrimony? Why are they soiling the memory of that heinous September morning in America?

What better way to wake the sleeping giant of resentment than misstating the President Obama's words, dispensing misinformation to misguided receptive underlings. Hungry Republicans are spreading their vicious propaganda daily, pulling in a large number of gullible cheer leaders. Underlings in other states have caught the no-mosque-in-my-state fever. 

I am assuming that the objectionists want the mosques demolished and Muslims floated back to the Middle East.  Immediately! These flag waving showboats are demonstrating that construction of the Muslim center in New York is just a smoke screen unconnected to 9/11.

First they came for Muslim mosques, illegal immigrants and their children. And then they came for African Americans after rewriting the 13th and 14th Amendments to say that they were born to  imported slaves; therefore, they are not citizens of the United States.
Blacks, considered three-fifths human, were the sole property of slave owners when the Constitution was written. Does that mean retroactive deportation of African Americans from this country?

Are these the same haters who said President Obama is going to destroy the Constitution to empower himself? I believe they are.

Tinkering with the Constitution can be a Pandora Box that should stay shut and locked. With the election of President Obama, the legitimacy of the Constitution is now questioned every day. When the President spoke about the construction of a recreation/prayer center near Ground Zero, he was not interjecting his personal opinion into the controversy. But that did not stop all hell from breaking loose in the media and its kinfolk: mouthy pundits.

President Obama did not retract his original statement

President Obama was citing the First Amendment of the Constitution and freedom of religion.  Citing the Constitution was not condoning building the center on "hallowed" ground. I did not hear President Obama endorse building the center near Ground Zero in his speech. He did not retract his statement the following day as the media falsely claimed, and as politicians turn pundits repeated. And repeated. And repeated. And repeated.

Perhaps America should stop holding itself up as a land of the free, and admit that "the melting pot" is a widespread figment of too many imaginations. To put it another way,  freedom only means freedom when defined by the lunatic fringe hanging out at Ground Zero.

Let me repeat: Tinkering with the Constitution of the United States is dangerous. Just like a senseless war there will be no clear winners at the end of the day. The world is watching our "freedom loving" America, as its camera-ready antagonists and ambitious politicians expose the internal turmoil they have with the Constitution, Muslims, religion and freedom.

As an informed individual capable of separating bullpuckey from facts, I refuse to wear a cheerleader's uniform, yelling, Yea! Yea! Go team, go! Send them Muslims home! The message is all wrong.

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