Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Sometimes complication is required

President Barack Obama
President George Bush
During George Bush’s administration he made pundits and the media feel they were intellectuals worth reading and listening to. With a chuckle in their throats they made excuses for Bush’s slaughtering  the English language, and mangling of foreign leaders names. It did not matter to the media. Bush was the man! He was the Decider! He was The Uniter!

President Obama, a former Constitutional professor who tends to explain his answers in adult language rather than perky bumper sticker, is ridiculed. The media hate the fact that President Obama intelligent and speak perfect English. He has an extensive vocabulary with which to express himself. I am not surprised when lazy pundits, and a lackluster media chose to make fun of his responses to questions.

As a former substitute teacher I believe in thoroughly explaining answers to questions for the sake of clarity. I learned in the classroom that short answers do not work for all students. When this situation happened several students repeated the same question, at which time I would delve into more details. I would then ask if they understood. Students who initially said they understood the short response  got a better understanding of the problem. Detailed answers are sometimes necessary.

But it does not matter what President Barack Obama say or how he say it. If he recited the Lord’s Prayer he would be accused using too many words, forcing religion on Americans, taking away their right to deny that God even insists!

Intelligence has taken a back seat to stupidity, screaming talk shows on television and bitchfest reality shows. That's where intelligence is today. Low information individuals do not recognize intelligence when they hear it. The media are pushing the notion that intelligence does not matter. Sound bites and misinformation is the norm of the day. That's why the media complex industry loves Sarah Palin.

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