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We loved Terrance and wanted him with us, but God wanted him more

We loved him dearly but God loved him more.
One sunny September afternoon he needed an extra angel to complete his angelic choir.

Terrance was born to Tracy Murray Smith and Ernest Smith Jr., July 22, 1974. He was the baby of three brothers: Michael Anthony, Peter Cornell and Ernest, lll.

Terrance Jermaine Smith was with our family for a very short time. He was a lovable child, who died unexpectedly of bacteria meningitis in September. Many children were admitted to Brackenridge Hospital that night with the same virus. Terrance was the only child to die. 

He was on life support for a week before the doctor suggested that Tracy and Ernest take him off life support. He said the machine was breathing for him. My sister Marie and I insisted that they not listen to the doctor. We were aware that his short life had come to an end but we could not let go. They listened to the doctor rather to us. We were racked with emotions, rather than common sense. We knew he had passed to the other side. Saying good-bye was hard.

We wanted to hold onto the dream and that wish of a last minute miracle. It happened in movies all the time. Why not now . . .  for us? How grateful and thankful we would have been! But the miracle did not come. Reality shoved its self into our brains. On September 30, 1976 at 3PM, we cut loose Terrance's spirit, letting it fly freely towards his final destination. He was two years old.

I was angry at God for weeks, but the anger subsided. I resented God's power to take away someone so precious and young as Terrance. I had to remind myself that we all had a certain time, day and hour to leave this earth. Our little Terrance's hour had arrived, and we had to let go. Several family members were at his side when he was taken off life support.

The official cause of death was cardiac arrest due to meningitis. Ironically, at the minute of his death, our sister Kaffey gave birth to one more niece. God took one child to his Kingdom, but he blessed us with another baby to ease our pain.

Despite his limited days on earth, Terrance Jermaine Smith left a number of relatives behind to grieve his passing: his mother Tracy Murray Smith, his father Ernest Smith, Jr., his brothers Michael Smith, Peter Cornell Smith, Ernest Smith, lll; his grandparents Ernest and Gertrude Smith, Christina Murray; his aunts Rose Ann Smith, Kaffey Smith Watts, Dorothy Charles Banks, Marie Ockletree and a host of relatives.

Terrance Jermaine Smith, 2, was funeralized at King Tears Funeral Mortuary Chapel, Saturday, October 2, 1976, 2:30pm. Interment was at Evergreen Cemetery.

Replica of funeral program

Funeral Services


Terrance Jermaine Smith

Saturday, October 2, 1976


King Tears Mortuary Chapel


Terrance Jermaine Smith was born July 22, 1974  in Austin, Texas to Mr. and Mrs. Ernest Smith. He departed this life Thursday, September 30, 1976.

He leaves behind to mourn his passing, his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Ernest Smith, Jr., three brothers, Ernest Smith lll, Michael Anthony Smith and Peter C. Smith, maternal grandmother, Mrs. Christine Spears, maternal grandparents, Mr. and Mrs. Ernest Smith, Sr., all of Austin; aunts Ms. Rose Ann Smith, Mrs. Dorothy Banks, Mrs. Marie Ockletree, Mrs. Kaffey Watts, all of Austin and Mrs. Joy Murray of Houston, Texas and a host of relatives. 

Funeral program


Song                                       Nearer My God To Thee


Song                                       Precious Lord

Eulogy                                    Rev. R. A. Grant



The family gracefully acknowledges all cards and flowers, messages of comfort, and other expressions of sympathy extended during the passing of our darling angel.

Officiating                                 Rev. R.A. Grant
Internment                               Evergreen Cemetery

Ernest, 111 and Michael Anthony, two of Terrance's older brothers

Terrance's father, Ernest Smith, Jr. a week before his death June 5, 2010.

Terrance's mother, Tracy Murray Smith and granddaughter

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