Thursday, October 4, 2012

Senior citizens yell at cardboard cutout of President Obama at Romney/Ryan rally (Video)

YouTube Video

On October 1, 2012 a rally for presidential candidate Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan was held at the Wings Over the Rockies Air and Space Museum in Denver, Colorado. Thousands of people attended, their brains loaded with silliness. The majority were senior citizens, most likely receiving Social Security and Medicare. Some are probably getting food stamps and other government help. I was surprised no one had a poster informing big government to "Keep Your Hands Off My Social Security!"

In the video a reporter with ProgressNow is seen walking back and forth, holding a life size cardboard cutout of President Obama. People passing by look at it and make belittling comments. One woman can be heard saying the President makes her want to puke. A pot bellied senior proudly holds a poster that said he is one of the "47 percent." Little does he know that he is one of the freeloading, welfare  getting, food stamps collecting, I don't want to work bums that Romney got caught talking about on a secretly recorded video at a high end fundraiser. Romney, the candidate they went to see, is not concerned about them. Yet,  this man is proud to display his ignorance on his big yellow poster.

Another senior female stuck her tongue out at the ProgressNow reporter videoing them. Someone told the cardboard cutout to "Go back to Kenya!" Someone else yelled at the reporter, "Is that your Muslim communist buddy?" Yet, another deranged senior yelled, "Strangle him!" It is not clear if he was talking about the reporter or the Obama cutout.

Joanne Schwartz, executive director of ProgressNow told KDVR in an email,  “It’s clear that not all, but many within Romney’s base of support dislike the President for irrational and often hateful reasons. Comments like ‘go back to Kenya,’ and asserting Obama is ‘black and used up’ reflect a much uglier prejudice than most Americans would not identify with. Everyone we videotaped yesterday has a right to free expression. But others have the right to publicly reject intolerance. In a free society, we have an obligation to call this out.”

On video the behavior of these senior citizens borders on childish nonsense.  That's what hatred and racism does to a person. It drives them bat shit crazy.  These are the same kinds  xenophobic White people that belongs to the tea party club.  Strutting around in various city parks and streets, wearing ridiculous homemade costumes, holding equally ridiculous homemade posters, these lost souls steadfastly broadcast that they are the "true American patriots".

The haters in Colorado are akin to other bigots who go into a tizzy,  proclaiming, "We want our country back!" The hype began after Barack Obama was elected president. If America went somewhere, no one told me. So obviously, America has never gone anywhere. It would be nice if these discombobulated folk packed their suitcases and moved to a Third World country, taking their buffoonery and antagonism with them.

The big problem here is that thousands of White people--educated and uneducated-- cannot stand an African American man being president of the United States. The America they grew up in has changed and will continue to change. The merry-go-round, like a fast moving train, will not stop for them to hop on board if they are standing in the wrong place. These sick seniors are too blinded their memories of the past. They do not to realize the world is passing them by.

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