Saturday, November 19, 2011

Larry Elder vigorously questions Chris Matthews about details in book on John F. Kennedy

Below is a heated exchange between radio host Larry Elder, and MSNBC TV host Chris Matthews, who has written a book about Robert F. Kennedy and his presidency. 

Elder's attack is angry and ferocious. Matthews doesn't sound ready to strike back. He defers to Elder's mockery. Ironically, Matthews has taken the same tone with some of his guests that he disagrees with. I guess he was taken aback to hear himself in the likes of Elder.

Elder said on his radio show afterwards, “You know things didn’t go well when, a few minutes after the interview concludes, Matthews’ booker emails my producer." The email read: “I wish you would’ve let me know that Larry was planning on attacking Chris. Chris is always up for a good, healthy debate, but that was really not professional or cool.”

Tuesday’s interview was hostile from the get go as Elder, who has hosted a show on KABC Radio for more than 10 years, tried to establish Matthews as a biased journalist who unfairly attacks Republicans. (Yahoo News)

Larry Elder

Chris Matthews

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